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July 30, 2015


So, it’s been quite a long time!

I have uploaded all the blog videos to https://www.youtube.com/user/mrithail/videos including some old but previously unreleased videos.

I might upload some new (recent) videos in the near future, but we’ll see…

I just hope you’re all doing fine! I am :)


Valborg in Skansen
May 19, 2010

Valborg is one of the most important festivities in Sweden, although it’s common to plenty Centro-European and Nordic countries. It is commonly known as Valpurgis Night in English speaking countries.

The festivity and its name comes from Saint Walpurga and its canonization in May 1, ca. 870. She was born un the United Kingdom, and greatly helped to evangelize the Germans.

In Uppsala, the common celebration is to go raftin in the Fyris river with funny homemade while having a light breakfast of strawberries and champagne. After that, there are gatherings in parks with music and a lot of party.

In Stockholm, probably the most famous way to celebrate it is to go to Skansen (an open air museum and zoo), to a day of concerts and live music from different choirs and orchestras of the city, and to end everything with a huge bonfire.


Well, the bonfires are not only from Skansen, and neither only from Stockholm or Sweden, as probably it’s the most common way to celebrate Walpurgis Night everywhere. Kind of similar to how the Noche de San Juan is celebrated in Spain.

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Formula 1 – 2010: Calendar and Results
May 17, 2010

Once again, here I put the schedule with partial results of the Formula 1 season of this year. And, as you can see, not to fault to the late spirit of the blog, I do it with a huge delay :D

Enjoy it!

1 – Bahrain Grand Prix: Bahrain International Circuit (Sakhir)
14 March, 2010 – 13:00

  1. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) (-2).
  2. Felipe Massa (Ferrari) (=).
  3. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) (-1).
  4. Pole: Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault).

2 – Australian Grand Prix: Albert Park (Melbourne)
28 March, 2010 – 08:00

  1. Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes) (-3).
  2. Robert Kubica (Renault) (-7).
  3. Felipe Massa (Ferrari) (-2).
  4. Pole: Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault).

3 – Malaysian Grand Prix: Sepang International Circuit (Kuala Lumpur)
04 April, 2010 – 10:00

  1. Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault) (-2).
  2. Mark Webber (RBR-Renault) (+1).
  3. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes GP) (+1).
  4. Pole: Mark Webber (RBR-Renault).

4 – Chinese Grand Prix: Shanghai International Circuit (Shanghai)
18 April, 2010 – 09:00

  1. Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes) (-4).
  2. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) (-4).
  3. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes GP) (-1).
  4. Pole: Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault).

5 – Gran Premio de España: Circuit de Catalunya (Catalunya)
9 May, 2010 – 14:00

  1. Mark Webber (RBR-Renault) (=).
  2. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) (-2).
  3. Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault) (+1).
  4. Pole: Mark Webber (RBR-Renault).

6 – Grand Prix de Monaco: Circuit de Monaco (Monte Carlo)
16 May, 2010 – 14:00

  1. Mark Webber (RBR-Renault) (=).
  2. Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault) (-1).
  3. Robert Kubica (Renault) (+1).
  4. Pole: Mark Webber (RBR-Renault).

7 – Turkish Grand Prix: Istanbul Park (Istanbul)
30 May, 2010 – 14:00

8 – Grand Prix du Canada: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve (Montreal)
13 June, 2010 – 18:00

9 – Grand Prix of Europe: Valencia Street Circuit (Valencia)
27 June, 2010 – 14:00

10 – British Grand Prix: Silverstone Circuit (Silverstone)
11 July, 2010 – 14:00

11 – Grosser Preis Von Deutshcland: Hockenheimring (Hockenheim)
25 July, 2010 – 14:00

12 – Magyar Nagydij: Hungaroring Sport RT (Budapest)
1 August, 2010 – 14:00

13 – Belgian Grand Prix: Spa Grand Prix S.A. (Spa-Francorchamps)
29 August, 2010 – 14:00

14 – Gran Premio D’Italia: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza (Monza)
12 September, 2010 – 14:00

15 – Singapore Grand Prix: Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore)
26 September, 2010 – 14:00

16 – Japanese Grand Prix: Suzuka International Racing Course (Suzuka)
10 October, 2010 – 08:00

17 – Korean Grand Prix: SKorean International Circuit (Yeongam)
24 October, 2010 – 08:00

18 – Grande Premio do Brasil: Autodromo Carlos Pace (Sao Paulo)
7 November, 2010 – 17:00

19 – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Yas Marina Circuit (Yas Marina)
14 November, 2010 – 14:00

Driver Standings:

  1. Mark Webber (RBR-Renault): 78.
  2. Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault): 78.
  3. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari): 75.
  4. Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes): 70.
  5. Rubens Barrichello (Brawn-Mercedes): 77.
  6. Felipe Massa (Ferrari): 61.
  7. Robert Kubica (Renault): 59.
  8. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes): 59.
  9. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes GP): 56.
  10. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP): 22.
  11. Adrian Sutil (Force India-Mercedes): 24.

Constructor Standings:

  1. RBR-Renault: 156.
  2. Ferrari: 136.
  3. McLaren-Mercedes: 129.
  4. Mercedes GP: 78.
  5. Renault: 65.
  6. Force India-Mercedes: 30.
  7. Williams-Cosworth:8.
  8. STR-Ferrari: 4.
  9. BMW Sauber-Ferrari: 0.
  10. Lotus-Cosworth: 0.
  11. HRT-Cosworth: 0.
  12. Virgin-Cosworth: 0.

Enjoy the season!

Formula 1:

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Stockholm’s Medieval Market 2010
April 26, 2010

During April 10 and 11, and for the second year in a row (although I wasn’t here last year to check it, hehe) in Kungsträdgården Park, it was celebrated the Stockholm’s Medieval Market (Medeltidsmarknad).


Although the park itself is quite big, the area occupied by the Medieval Market was not very extensive. Anyway, there was a stage for live music, an archery field, a dozen shops of medieval-related stuff and a craftsmen shop in which they were forging metal, a guy with a horse on which children could ride, etc.

But the most important thing was, of course, the atmosphere, which was great, as it was full of people with costumes, some even with armors, making it very easy for people to get in the medieval mood.


Also, I have to say that it this event really marked the coming of the good weather… finally! :D

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Things Accomplished in 2009
April 20, 2010

OK, I know it comes with a small delay, but… what to do :D

Things I wanted to do that I’ve accomplished:

  • Continue reading in English: I had less time than other years to read, but my list of books read (mostly in English) keeps growing steadily.
  • Continue writing in English (and improve my skills!): Although you haven’t seen it here, I’ve written a lot in English, and I can say that my skills are still improving :D
  • Continue doing exercise regularly: It hasn’t been completely regularly, but I can say that I have done a lot of exercise during this year.
  • Begin a Master of Science in a foreign country (preferably, Sweden :D ): Well, I began a 2-year Master of Science in Systems, Controls and Robotics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) of Stockholm!
  • Travel to at least one foreign country I haven’t been in yet (this is getting harder each year, hehe):
  • Be at least as happy as in 2007: Or more :).

Things I wanted to do that I haven’t accomplished:

  • Do some windsurfing: I’m a disaster :D
  • Do some scuba diving: See previous comment.
  • Study seriously a language (Spanish and English are not valid): I tried to go back to French and toyed a little bit with Hungarian, but I couldn’t do much.
  • Get a certificate of that language: Nope.
  • Get the ITIL: I didn’t have time.
  • Get a license for driving motorcycles: If you have been in my car, you’ll be happy I didn’t tried to get this one :D Also, with the car driving license I have I can drive small motorcycles in Spain :D

Unexpected extras:
I don’t know… lots of stuff, but I feel lazy to try to write down :D

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