Karlskrona: First Impressions
October 30, 2007

I’ve received complains from some people asking me why I wasn’t writing posts about my Erasmus… well, it was because my spare time tends to zero. But I’m going to try to fix it by writing a couple of posts, beginning with this one about the first impressions I’ve got from Karlksrona.

Room with a view (without windows)

As I said in my previous post about Karlskrona this is not a big city, but a small one. And I don’t know if this is due to its size or to cultural differences between Sweden and Spain, but it’s a very calm city. Nobody seems to be stressed, and everything is very silent.

Other thing that draws a lot of attention, is that here there are few cars, and as this is a small city speaking about population, its area is about 15-20 km² (the area of Bilbao, in Spain, is about 41 km²). Here most of the people go everywhere by walking or by bike (a few people uses the car or the public transportation), but maybe the fact that it’s a very flat terrain helps this situation. As a curiosity, I’ve only seen one gas station in the whole city (but it’s true that i haven’t been everywhere).

The sightseeings are completely awesome, both from the traditional buildings, the sea and the forest. And the nature reserves, just a few minutes walking from the city, simply spectacular. A pleasure for the eyes.

Karlskrona Lighthouse

The people are very friendly, and despite not all of them speak English, they’ll always give you a warm smile any time you try to communicate with them in Swedish (even if they understand English). Moreover, if you ask something to them, they’ll be always willing to help.

The Swedish from Kalrskrona (both women and men), don’t have a very blond hair, in fact most of them have it light brown, and they dye it to be black or blond. And now, between young people, it seems that to wear the socks over the trousers is fashionable (to the rest of the people it’s simply ridiculous).

And the obsession that Swedish people have about fitness is impressive… you can find even 80-years old people in short trousers running at the speed of light in the mountains (I’m not kidding).

Karlskrona Sightseeing

I can’t speak clearly about the weather, because the first 22 days have been completely sunny, without any cloud, but this last week, it’s been between cloudy and a little bit rainy, but not too much. Unfortunately, I think that the sunny days were a mere mirage, and that until next summer, everyday will be cloudy, cold and windy (and soon, icy too).

About less cultural things, to say that, as in whole Sweden, you can’t find alcohol stronger than 3,5% in supermarkets. To get whisky, vodka, wine or even a real beer, you’ll have to go to Systembolaget, which is a government’s monopoly. And except in the biggest cities, like Stockholm, where you can find 11 shops, in the rest of them, there are just 1 or 2.

This is everything by now… soon, more things about Karlskrona, Sweden and my Erasmus.

Karlskrona Impressions:

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“and everything is very silent”…
let me doubt it :P, it only depends on your flatmates… :S
yep, but of course there is no traffic, no air pollution, no rubbish on the streets (and no bins also) and swedish are friendly, hepful and always quiet.
the first weeks here you feel oxygen-overdose or something like that, this city makes your brain feel relaaaaaxxxx
jejejejejeje dark-haired with blondies eyebrows, no comments :P
about recycling: two days ago i spent 10 minutes deciding where everything should be, but after a month i got it! fuck*** difficult!
Mrithail, you should go to the pool at least once, you would have more anecdotes to tell ;)

October 31, 2007 | #


Wait for meeee!

October 31, 2007 | #


weelsha, maybe your flatmates are noisy, but in general the city is quite silent :P.
And the recycling here is a complete new experience… the quickguide has 5 DIN-A4 pages xD

Pablo, then work hard, you know…

October 31, 2007 | #


The info is cool, but I want to read more about how you and Diana feel there, how your life have been changed, etc.

October 31, 2007 | #


Ha, I found a second gas station in the centre ;) And there’re actually more when you approach the E22.
Well, and i’m even a bit disappointed that Minerva has no real recycling facilities, just plain garbage containers… But ok, i’m used to sorting, as i come from a similarly-minded country ;)
And, kudos for your photos!

November 1, 2007 | #


scintilulla, soon, don’t worry… if I have time it’ll be today ^^.

Steffen, nice to see you here ^^! In Polhemsgatan we have a big recycling facility, but it’s very confusing… the way of recycling is different here from Spain. About the photos… here is easy to take good shots, hehe.

November 1, 2007 | #

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