Kalmar: Impressions
August 17, 2008

Between long trip and long trip, that is, between the trip of Istanbul Geotag (Turkey) / Copenhagen Geotag (Denmark) and The Baltic Trip (about which I’ll talk in future posts), I made a little runaway visit alone to Kalmar Geotag, a nice small Swedish city.

Kalmar is placed in the south-east of Sweden, just in front of the island of Öland, to which is connected via the Öland bridge. It is thought to be founded during the 11th century, and currently has a population of about 35,000 inhabitants, so is more or less of the same size as Karlskrona Geotag.

Kalmar - Lilla Torget

The city has the typical characteristics you can find in the southern Swedish cities, with beautifully small colorful houses, a lot of open spaces and a great mixture of buildings and nature. The truth is that this kind of cities, give a really comfortable feeling, I really love them :)

Kalmar - Cathedral

The most notable constructions that you can find in Kalmar are the cathedral and the castle with its fortifications. The cathedral is right in the middle of the city, being the heart of the main square. The castle, placed in one of the sides of the city, and it’s a great place to visit to enjoy the views of the city and the sea from it. Also, there’s an observation tower presiding the river, that completes the historic sightseeing of Kalmar.

Kalmar - Castle

My conclusion is that it’s a very nice city for a one-day relaxing visit, as it’s a calm and beautiful city, ideal for having a walk. But don’t expect too much excitement from it, or you may end with a deception. So… worth visiting :)

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it seems that they only biuld one type of religious-construction, cause that cathedral is the twin of karlskrona’s church!
it’s nice to read ur reviews again :)

August 17, 2008 | #


Hi :) I’m reading this and I realized that you’ll have to write some impressions about Zagreb soon ;) And, you know, you must write about Bratislava! See you in Croatia!

August 18, 2008 | #


weelsha, yeah, they’re all the same… and thank you ^_^

Erna, it’s great to see you here! and don’t worry, everything will come in proper time :D

August 18, 2008 | #

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