That River
March 4, 2009

In this occasion, I’m bringing to you a short film made by, along with others, a friend of mine who is currently studying Digital Media in Bremen (Hi Vane!).

The narration of the short is in English, but for those of you who doesn’t understand it, luckily you have subtitles in German, hehe.


  • Director: Hu Ran.
  • Music and screenplay: Shen Xiaoli.
  • Cast: Vanesa Cortés Rodríguez, Lee Minghay, Ahmad Saleh.
  • Camera: Lee Minghay, Li Shushi.
  • German subtitles: Andre Hoffmann.

I particularly like the sadness and deep insight of real life it shows… I don’t know, I find it really touching. But well, I don’t want to write any spoilers, so…

Just enjoy it!

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