Sofia: Impressions
July 24, 2009

Last year (yes, this trip is still from 2008… you see how lazy I’m becoming about writing in here!) on the second time I visited Macedonia, I decided to make a short stop in Sofia (София) Geotag, Bulgaria.

Sofia is located in the West of Bulgaria, just near Mount Vitosha, and it’s the heart of the country in many aspects, such as administration, cultural, economy, and education. It has a population of almost 1,500,000 inhabitants, being the 12th largest city by population in the European Union.

Sofia 3

It’s one of the oldest cities in Europe, and its origins can be traced back about 7000 years, and before being known as Sofia, it had other names such as Serdica and Sredets. Due to its location, during history it has been conquered by several empires, such as the Roman, the Byzantine or the Ottoman.

I don’t know why, but to tell the truth, while I was in Sofia, it reminded me a lot of Madrid Geotag. Maybe it was because of the mixture in its architecture, and how the downtown is distributed, but I can’t say it for sure.

Sofia 2

During the time I was there, and taking into account that it was in November, the weather was a little bit cold, wet and foggy; but never to the level of being uncomfortable. So, nothing strange given the dates and the location of Sofia.

I can’t really say much about the nightlife, as my only experience in that was waiting for the bus at the central bus station. And neither about the people, as I didn’t really spoke with any natives aside from for buying things.

Sofia 1

So, for the little time I spent in Sofia (just 8 hours), I can say that I liked the city, and I would really like to go back to be able to enjoy it more. Also… come on, they use the Cyrillic alphabet (like in Macedonia, although in here it’s a slightly different version), which of course, gives the city some nice extra points, at least for me :D

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I was in Bulgaria almost when you, were, the 1st November 2009, a little bit more time than you, two days. Well, what could I say? It was not the most beatiful city in the world. The downtown, as I saw, it’s very little, in only one day you see the top things to see: two or three churchs, the synagogue, a rotunda (a circular church) inside the Sheraton Hotel and no more… The first day we took a general overview and we took a bus to Plovdiv (Пловдив), which is more interesting with roman ruins (an amphiteatre, a part of an stadium…) and a district at the top of the city.

And night life… Maybe we were lost, but the discos we found were not very funny. Cheap beer, yes, but music was extremly “bulgarian”, few internacional songs.

July 24, 2009 | #

Carlos Hernandez

I agree with you that it’s not the most beautiful city in the world. And I have to agree also about the downtown, as I was just wandering in there without a map and I have the feeling that I got to see everything. I’ll note down the Polvdiv recommendation, in case I have the chance to go back ^_^

About nightlife, well, I always have the opinion that you have to party with someone who lives in the city, just to be able to get a real flavor of it. Because with the example of the discos with “extremely Bulgarian music”, well, I know areas in Madrid in which you can listen only to “extremely Spanish/Latin music” and others in which almost everything is international music, so most of the times you just have to know where to look for. Anyway, as I said, my only experience there was in the bus station, so… hehe.

Thank you very much for you feedback, Ángel!

July 25, 2009 | #

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