First Post in English

Attention please: This is my first post in English, so if you want to read prior posts, do it at your own risk, as they are in Spanish! :p

After yesterday’s announcement ES , here we have my first post in English, and… what’s it going to be about? About the change from Spanish to English, of course! It’s not going to be a translation, because it contains different information, but it’s going to have more or less the same general content.

As I said yesterday, I intend to write in English from now on, because in a month I’ll be moving to Sweden on an Erasmus and I have to write my Degree Project in English, and despite the fact that I can easily read, listen and talk in English in a fluent way, I don’t feel as comfortable as I should when I write complex texts.

Also, in the last years, the amount of my non-Spanish speakers friends has grown, and I think that this is a very easy way for them to check that I’m still alive (and what am I doing), as I’m not very prone to write e-mails, hehe.

I’m not going to translate the posts that are already written in Spanish, as I’ve been writing in this blog for nearly two years and I’m not so crazy/stupid (really), but as you can see in the first lines of this post, anytime I link them, I’ll put this image ES next to the link, so you can know that it’s in Spanish and you don’t have to loose your time if you can’t read it. What I’m going to translate are the static pages, categories, the theme and everything that seems reasonable, but as I’m not in a hurry, I’ll do it calmly

The comments of the posts may be written both in English or Spanish, and will be answered in the language they were written, unless the content of it it’s of utter importance, in that case the answer will be in both languages.

Now I’d like to to apologize for my English, but well, I’m writing in English precisely to improve it, am I not?. I promise I’ll do my best to improve, so you don’t feel the need to hit me next time we meet.

Well… here we go!

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