This is the first comment I write in English, so please, don’t be harsh with me, I’ll try to improve my English writing skills as much as I can hehe. Well, now I’d like to thank Zor for lending me this book.

Footfall Original title: Footfall. Spanish title: Ruido de Pasos. Author: Larry Niven (USA, 1938), Jerry Pournelle (USA, 1933). Year: 1985. Genre: Science-Fiction, Drama. Language: English. Read in: English. Publisher: Victor Gollancz, Ltd. Pages: 518. Size: 235 x 160 mm. ISBN: 0-575-03690-7.


Plot outline While enjoying a couple of days leave in Hawaii after an engineering association meeting, Jeanette meets an astronomer who invites her to see the observatory. When they arrive a fellow of the astronomer tells them that she has found an alien spaceship coming to Earth.

Comment without spoilers The plot of this novel is certainly good, but the main point of this book is the use of a wide range of diverse points of view to tell the whole story, so we can see the events through nearly every point of view that we can consider important. The rhythm of the narrative is nor dense nor excessively light, and the mixture of all of this manages to hook you, so you can’t stop reading, making you eager to know what’s going to happen next.

Despite the big amount of characters that can be considered as main ones due to the range of points of view in the novel, some of them get a pretty good characterization. However, due to their general behaviors is somewhat difficult to empathize with them.

The general background is great, so you can imagine perfectly the atmosphere of every place and every situation, making yourself able to feel as if you were inside the situations which appear in the book.

The first hardcover edition by Victor Gollancz is great, being a very robust book, with great quality pages and a neat printing. The general quality of the book is appreciated even if you don’t take into account that this book comes from a library in New Zealand and probably more than a hundred people have read it. But please note that I forgot to scan the cover so I had to use for this post the one in the Wikipedia, and they’re different.

Having a general look at the novel, despite the anti-liberal screed and the situations in which the sci-fi writers appear as flawless genius whose minds always have the most imaginative and accurate view of the situation, I have to say that I liked it a lot, and as I’m writing this lines, I consider it a very recommendable novel.

P.S.: I forgot to say that the Spanish title, Ruido de pasos, despite being a literal translation, It’s a very unfortunate one, as the English title isn’t related to the literal meaning of that word.

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