The Damp Elements (17-09-07 @ Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid)

As this is the first time I attend an event like this, I’m not going to rate it, because I feel unable to do so. Also, don’t expect a great review, hehe.

The Damp Elements Original title: The Damp Elements. Spanish title: Los Elementos Húmedos. Group: Dance Company Nomade~s Genre: Japanese contemporaneous dance. Direction: Nakao Ikemiya. Script: Nakao Ikemiya. Choreography: Nakao Ikemiya, Noriko Kumagai. Sound: Hiromi Ishii. Music: Ebirozi Takkyu. Lights: Lang Craighill. Clothes: Yoshiko Wakabayashi, Ku Arai, Chiaki Shimuzu, Arata Takano. Dancers: Ayako Shimizu, Hayato Yamaguchi, Norihito Ishii, Shinobu Shimizu, Noriko Kumagai, Nakao Ikemiya. Place: Sala de columnas, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, España. Date: Monday, September 17th, 2007. Price: 10€.

The Dance Company Nomade~s is one of the leading contemporaneous art companies in Japan, having done performances at important museums and universities, some of them in collaboration with traditional Japanese music players, and always trying to mix the dance with other artistic areas.

This event showed a very surrealistic dance with an impressive choreography that mixed chaos and synchronism in equal parts, supposedly telling a story about the real freedom, from which I could only catch specific moments. Fortunately, hearing other opinions and talking to people, I discovered that it wasn’t completely my fault to understand only little bits of the story… it was a complicated one.

The sound consisted in electronic music and distorted sounds that fused and synchronized perfectly with the choreography. The lights also played a main role in the show, helping to intensify the more intimate moments.

Definitely, despite sometimes feeling like watching an Experimental Series Lain episode because of the buzzes and the moments in which it was impossible to understand what was happening (I love S.E. Lain), the show impressed me a lot, and thanks to it I’ve started to develop an interest in contemporaneous dance.

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