Second Anniversary of

Time goes by, not slowly, but quite fast!

It’s been 2 years, 333 posts in Spanish and this is the tenth in English. And here we are. It feels as if it were yesterday when, thanks to Bad_CRC, I decided to write my first post here ES , in my blog… something that has given me lots of great times and also headaches.

Along this two years, there has been improvements and side projects to complete it. Some of them died, and some of them keep going on. But clearly there’s one important thing in, and that’s all the people who supports this in one way or another, like Bad_CRC, weelsha, Pablo, Carlos el Rojo and Lenovich, PedroAznar, the people from Frozen-Layer (specially FL-Madrid) and Kulturales, NK, scintillula, Zor, my family and friends and nearly everyone who has ever written a comment or even read any post me. Just kidding, thank you very much to everyone.

Not so long ago, came some drastic changes in the blog. In ten days are coming some drastic changes in my life, but I hope that I’ll find enough time and strength to continue doing all of this, for this blog has become one of the axis of my life. Show must go on!


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