I must say that I hadn’t read anything from Egan before this, but when I saw the comment the translator of the book wrote in his own blog, and moreover, when I discovered that Grupo Ajec was the publisher, I had to buy and read it.

Axiomático Original title: Axiomatic. Spanish title: Axiomático. Author: Greg Egan (Australia, 1961). Year: 1995. Genre: Sci-Fi. Language: English. Read in: Spanish. Translation: Pedro Jorge Romero. Publisher: Grupo Ajec - Albemuth Internacional. Pages: 346. Size: 220 x 150 mm. ISBN: 84-96013-26-X.


Plot outline This book is a collection of different short stories, so there’s no plot that connects them.

Comment without spoilers This book is amazing and very impressive because of the background of each story and how they’re developed. The stories have charismatic characters, amazing plots, a very solid scientific base and a light rhythm, so, when you start reading one, it traps you so you can’t stop reading, and so they come one after the other.

I’d like to comment each story individually, but unfortunately as they’re so many and lately I’m not having much time, I’m unable to do so. But what I can say is that despite the feeling I have that most of the stories could have gone a step further, everyone was quite good.

The translation has been done by Pedro Jorge Romero, who is my favorite English-to-Spanish translator (this is not the first book translated by him that I’ve read). And he’d done a great job with a close to perfect translation. The only drawback is that you can find some typos that could’ve been corrected by the editor, but it’s not a big issue.

The edition by Grupo Ajec it’s like the rest of the books we can find in their Albemuth Internacional collection, that is, a high quality edition, with a robust book, great quality white pages and a very fine printing. The only drawback, as I said before, are the typos that you can find, which could’ve been corrected with a translation check.

Definitely, this is a great book, full with impressive stories and I think that it’s going to become one of the most important sci-fi compilations, because it’s an essential book.

List of short stories:

  • The Infinite Assassin (El Asesino Infinito).

  • The Hundred-Light-Year-Diary (El diario de Cien-Años-Luz).

  • Eugene.

  • The Caress (La Caricia).

  • Blood Sisters (Hermanas de Sangre).

  • Axiomatic (Axiomático).

  • The Safe-Deposit Box (La Caja de Seguridad).

  • Seeing (Ver).

  • A Kidnaping (Un Secuestro).

  • Learning to Be Me (Aprendiendo a Ser Yo).

  • The Moat (El Foso).

  • The Walk (El Paseo).

  • The Cutie (La Ricura).

  • Into Darkness (Hacia la Oscuridad).

  • Appropriate Love (Amor Apropiado).

  • The Moral Virologist (El Virólogo Virtuoso).

  • Closer (Cercanía).

  • Unstable Orbits in the Space Of Lies (Órbitas Inestables en el Espacio de las Mentiras).

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