Here I come again with another nice cookbook specialized in asian food.

Sushi Original title: Sushi. Spanish title: Sushi. Author: Various Authors. Year: 2001. Genre: Cookbook. Original language: German. Read in: Spanish. Translation: Maite Rodríguez Fischer. Publisher: Blume - Cocina | Tendencias. Pages: 96. Size: 230 x 285 mm. ISBN: 84-8076-429-5.

Comment This book, which is focused in the preparation of different kinds of sushi, follows the same schema as the Asien ES one I commented not so long ago, for they are part of the same cookbooks collection.

The book begins with a couple of pages about different ingredients which are common in this kind of recipes, as nori seaweed, kome rice, kampyo, kombu or wakame.

Then, in another couple of pages, we can find instructions about how to do basic techniques needed in some recipes, like rolling the sushi maki or the temaki, or cooking the sushi rice. However, I have to say that I particularly don’t use the way of cooking the rice that appears in the book.

After that, there are different recipes, classified as Sushi nigiri, Sushi temaki, Sushi maki and Sashimi. Most of this recipes are easy to cook, come with a full ingredient list and the instructions are in a step by step basis.

As in Asien, the book is big and robust and it’s paper has a great quality. Most of the recipes have beautiful one page pics that shows how the food should look when you finish cooking it.

To finish this comment, I have to say that I like this book much, and that I use it frequently to get ideas on which ingredients to use and how to combine them when I cook some sushi. I also recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to prepare sushi.