The IT Crowd (2nd Season)

After some delays, at last it was broadcasted the second season of The IT Crowd, one of the best humor series you can find right now.

The IT Crowd Original title: The IT Crowd. Season: Second Season. Year: 2007. Genre: Humor. Country: United Kingdom (UK). Language: English. Episodes: 6 x 25 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: Graham Linehan. Director: Graham Linehan. Script: Graham Linehan. Photography: Various. Music: Neil Hannon. Cast: Chris O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, Katherine Parkinson, Chris Morris, Noel Fielding, Matt Berry.


Plot outline Jen, Moss, Roy and Richmond keep being the IT Department in Reynholm Industries, confronting strange situations in their daily routines of their lifes.

Comment without spoilers The truth is that there’s little to say about this season that wasn’t commented about the first one ES , but as that post I wrote is in Spanish, I’ll make a little effort.

This British series is simply hilarious and quite funny, with an always surprising scripts full of jokes that can’t only be understood by IT people, but everybody. Despite that some people have said that the first season was much more geek than this one, I think that they’re almost at the same level in this aspect… if you don’t think like that, I encourage you to watch again the first season. What is true is that this second season is more irregular than the previous one, with episodes which are brilliant (like the first one) and others not so much.

The cast fits perfectly in their characters, being unable to imagine them behaving in any other way… they do a great job.

The general atmosphere is awesome, and despite not being entirely realistic, it makes this series both funny and a satirical review of the society and some of it’s problems.

Definitely, a must see for everybody… one of the best humor series ever, and with only one drawback, being SO short. If you haven’t seen it yet, you don’t know how much you’re missing


Maybe the change I disliked the most is the dead of Denholm, the former CEO of Reynholm Industries… I think it was a great character, much better than his son, Douglas.

And the beginning of Moss and the German, with the parody of the anti-piracy ads is brutal.


List of episodes:

  1. The Work Outing.

  2. Return of the Golden Child.

  3. Moss and the German.

  4. The Dinner Party.

  5. Smoke and Mirrors.

  6. Men Without Women.

The IT Crowd:

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