End of the Formula 1 2007 Season

Maybe, what has marked this Formula 1 2007 Season has been the shame that the spectators felt. Mainly with everything concerning the spying case between McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari, but also because of the behavior inside and outside the races of the most visible people from McLaren (that is, Ron Dennis, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton) and some FIA decissions concerning race events. Sincerely, I’m not going to comment more about that, but I just wanted to express mi deception with all that cases.

Starting with the interesting things, that is, the only ones that should be implied in the competition, the first thing I must say is that I’m quite happy because of the triumph of Kimi Räikkönen, whom, as you may already know if you have read my previous F1 posts in Spanish, is one of my favorite drivers. He showed that he is the fastest one by winning 6 of the 17 races, but thanks to reliability problems he hasn’t been constant and he has suffered a lot to get the F1 World Championship.

About other pilots, simply say that Fernando Alonso continued blaming his own team and not keeping the mouth shut (but this year with more reason than the past ones). That Felipe Massa, despite doing a great team work in the last races, showed their dirty ways in some Grand Prix. And last, that Lewis Hamilton, despite being a good pilot (with the help of the missile he was sat in) who can’t resist the pressure, is even more unbearable than Alonso.

In what comprises the teams, Ferrari surprised me a lot with the way the have done everything this year… mainly trying to avoid scandals, concentrating in the races and simply trying to do a great job, both for the drivers individually and for the whole team.

McLaren-Mercedes… well, it’s been a moving scandal the whole season, and despite having been one of my favorite teams for the last seasons, this one has made me be ashamed of them.

Also, this year we have witnessed the fall of Renault towards their natural ranking, and the one of Toyota and Honda to a deep abyss. On the other hand, we have seen the great rising of BMW, and the moderate ones of Red Bull-Renault and Super Aguri-Honda.

Definitely, it’s been a breathtaking season, with very competitive and shivering races and a lot of emotion until the end. Now we only have to wait until the mid days of May, and then the 2008 Season will begin… I don’t know you, but I’m willing this to happen.

P.S.: As I did last year ES , I invite you to read a F1 2007 Season analysis ES way better than mine, written by Wendigo.

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