Dexter (1st Season)

This is a series that I began watching thanks to Venraiker, and I’m glad I followed his suggestion.

Dexter Original title: Dexter. Spanish title: Dexter. Season: First Season. Year: 2006. Genre: Drama, Thriller. Country: United States of America (USA). Language: English. Episodes: 12 x 50 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: James Manos Jr., based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. Director: Various. Script: Various. Photography: Romeo Tirone. Music: Daniel Licht. Cast: Michael C. Hall,Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar.


Plot outline Dexter Morgan is a forensic specialized in blood splatter analysis working for the Miami Police Department who have problems to stop his irrepressible need for killing people. During his work, he’ll face the modus operandi of a fascinating serial killer.

Comment without spoilers The overall plot of the series is quite good, being very captivating since the very beginning and with an astonishig development of the story. However, I feel that the last episodes are not as good as the previous ones… I don’t know, but I had the feeling that the end of the series was too much predictable.

The main character, Dexter Morgan, is simply awesome, and his evolution along the series is amazing, in part thanks to the actor who portraits him, who does a perfect job. Sincerely, I think that is one of the best characters of a series in the last few years. Also there are other characters who are brilliant, like Masuka and Angel.

The soundtrack is not impressive, except a couple of songs, like the one in the opening and a pair of background tracks. Despite not being too much interesting overall, at least it accomplishes its goal.

The general atmosphere is good, being solid and credible. And it’s curious to see how the Latin American colonies have rooted in Miami, making it a wonderful crucible. Also, it’s funny to see the characters using Spanish words mixed in the English dialogs.

Taking a comprehensive look at the series, I have to say that I liked it a lot because everythig that I’ve previously said. And the second season, which begun just a month ago, seems that it’s going to be even better that this first one. So now you all know what you have to do.

To read a deeper (and with some little spoilers) comment, try with this one ES by Luen.


The truth is that, despite having a great plot, it was too easy to know that Gabriel was going to be the Ice Truck Killer, and the exaggeratingly obvious clues of the last 3 or 4 ending episodes deceived me.


List of episodes:

  1. Dexter.

  2. Crocodile.

  3. Popping Cherry.

  4. Let’s Give the Boy a Hand.

  5. Love American Style.

  6. Return to Sender.

  7. Circle of Friends.

  8. Shrink Wrap.

  9. Father Knows Best.

  10. Seeing Red.

  11. Truth Be Told.

  12. Born Free.


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