2007 Oktober

You all know that I don’t like too much to talk about my personal life, but well, I’ll simply try. Ah, and I’ve written Oktober with K because it’s in Swedish (this was for Djevel xD).

As you may already know, I came to Karlskrona on October 1st, but what you may not know is that my fellow travelers were Diana and Miguel Ángel, being the 3 of us from the same engineering school in Madrid. Our route was to fly from Madrid to Copenhage, and there to take a train to Karlskrona.

In the airport, we bought some alcohol, a bottle for each of us, for in Sweden it’s more expensive. Unfortunately, when we were in Copenhagen, in the airport’s train station, one of Miguel’s bags fell to the ground, and we had 2 casualties… his bottle of Tequila and my precious Jack Daniels (requiescat in pace). Besides that, the train trip went smoothly and without incidents.

When we arrived to Karlskrona, Miguel stopped in Bergåsa and Diana an me continued to the central station. Once there, we had to run from the station to Karlskronahem, because they were closing in 20 minutes and if we didn’t get there in time to get the keys of our rooms, we’d had to sleep in the street. And believe me, running with nearly 40 Kg of luggages each of us wasn’t as funny as it sounds… or maybe it was. Finally we managed to arrive there and then to our flats.

The rest of the month, we’ve been discovering the city, the places where we could buy food and stuff for the house and to try to finish all the paperwork related both to the university and the daily living in Sweden. Now I was going to describe a little bit the most useful shops, but I think that I’ll leave it for another post, for it’s going to be a long one.

Living in a strange place like this is not hard, or at least not for me, for I’ve always been quite independent, and I feel that my home is where I am. What has changed is that now I have to spend much more time doing stuff at home, as now it all depends on me to have my home clean, cook everyday, go shopping, do the laundry… it isn’t hard, and neither boring, but it took some time for me to adapt myself to this new routine. In Spain I did some things, but as I lived with my family, I didn’t had to do always everything. My flatmate here is a kind Chinese girl, but we don’t share the home labors and we both live very independently the one from the other.

Despite my first fears for coming to such a small city (I’ve always lived in Madrid), I feel quite comfortable here, even more when every time I look through the windows I see this (the first photo of my Karlskrona: First Impressions post). Sincerely, I love living in such a beautiful place, but one thing I know is that currently I couldn’t do that for more than 2 or 3 years. Fortunately, here I’ve already met a lot of amazing people, not only from Sweden but from the whole world (in fact, I don’t know too many Swedish people yet, hehe) , and I’m enjoying a lot sharing experiences (and my new life) with them.

The most “traumatic” experience may be that one Saturday we did one route through one of the natural reserves in the north. It took like 2 hours and a half, but the interesting thing is that I forgot my gloves at home and the cold burnt my hands, so I had to spend 10 days putting a lot of moisturizing cream in the crusts of the sores, which covered most of the back of the hand.

About the university, Diana and me have already began the degree project, in the Virtual Microphones topic, and we joined one of the research groups of the BTH (the one concerning that topic, of course). Also, when we chose this university, our aim was to begin a quite interesting Master of Science they have here, so we talked to the responsible of that MSc, and he allowed us to begin it unofficially. Unfortunately, we still had to discuss it with the coordinator of the Electrical Engineering Area, and as the meeting was today, and is November, you’ll have to wait for the next report to know the result…

Between now and then, you can read of the post I’m going to write (or the past ones) :P

P.S.: I’m sorry this text is not very fluent and has plenty of mistakes, but I’m in a hurry, and now I don’t have too much time to write it… my apologies, maybe tomorrow I’ll do something about it.