From Karlskrona to Gdynia and back, aboard Stena Baltica (Stena Line)

As I already said, we made the trip from Karlskrona to Gdynia by ferry, taking advantage that a friend of us, who works for Stena Line, organized for his birthday a trip for 20 friends (Happy Birthday again Ehab!). That route presently uses 3 ferry (Stena Baltica, Stena Nordica and Finnarrow), and we ended traveling in the first one.

Stena Baltica The first thing that drew my attention was the enormous size of the ship, which made me think of a small city sailing in the sea. However, I got a little bit deceived when I discovered that the purpose of most of the space available in the Stena Baltica is to transport cars and trucks. The ship has at least 10 decks (I can’t remember exactly), but the first 5 are for the transportation of cars, trucks, maintenance machinery and that kind of stuff, while the rest holds the cabins and other facilities.

The cabins are quite important in this trip, because it usually takes about 12 hours, so during the trip you’ll sleep almost for sure… and for that matter, a good point is to take the trips that spend the night in the sea. There are 5 kinds of cabins, depending on the luxury you want, and the space available in them varies from 2 to 5 people, depending on the type of cabin.

We traveled in the 4-beds standard cabins, which were the cheapest ones. They had the beds (with pillows and bedclothes), one night table and one small toilet with shower, a mirror and a sink. There’s no space for 4 people to stand comfortably, so the best thing you can do there is sleep… and while not, leave the cabin and go anywhere in the ship. A good thing is that as the ferry behaves somewhat like a hotel, if you follow the go and come back of the ferry’s trips, you can leave your things in the cabin during the day.

The facilities you can find in Stena Baltica are various, with restaurants, a cafeteria, a bar/nightclub, a shop, a casino, a conference room, a beauty salon, a bureau de change… well, a little bit of everything, which would seem enough, but the truth is that when you’ve been in the ship for one hour, you know everything and it’s a little bit boring. I won’t talk about the cafeteria or the restaurants, because I didn’t eat there, but the nightclub is not very bad, except for most of the music. Also, I don’t know how it’s on weekends, but when we stayed there (Sunday and Monday night), we where almost the only ones in the nightclub… fortunately, as I said we were about 20 people in our group.

I also have to mention that there’s WiFi on board and that in the shops you can pay with Polish zloty; Swedish, Norwegian and Danish crowns; Euros; Pounds and US Dollars.

So, not the best way in the world to make a trip, but neither the worst, and the beds were comfortable… putting it simply, just a new experience. But what was really great, was the party we made in our way to Poland, but that didn’t relied in the ferry.

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