Update December 5th, 2007: You can download the album until December 15th, 2007!

So long without speaking about new music albums… well, there’s no better chance for doing it again that speaking about the third album of Hedtrip, moreover now that for a limited time period, you can download it for free (I’ll talk about this later).


Album: ЯOMA. Group: Hedtrip. CDs: 1. Songs: 10. Length: 39 minutes. Genre: Independent Rock. Language: English. Producer: Eskil Lövström (Tonteknik Recording). Mix: Pelle Henricsson (Tonteknik Recording). Label: Aloud Music. License: Copyright. Year: 2007. Other: Download it for free until November 1st, 2007 in the band’s official site.


To me, Hedtrip is probably the best independent rock band from Spain, and clearly one of the best in the world. Now, three years from the release of the fantastic About Useless Needs, they give us their third studio album.

ЯOMA, the title of this new album, is a nice word game, as Roma in Spanish means Rome, and also, reading it backwards, Amor is the Spanish word for Love. This game is helped by the double cover of the album, which present in one side a picture of the mothers of the artists and in the other, the same photo but reversed and with the artist instead of their mothers. Note that the words are also reversed, showing AMOR instead of ЯOMA

The album, which have been recorded and mixed in the Tonteknik Recording studio, in Umeå, Sweden, shows how the band’s sound has evolved in this three years, keeping the same spirit as in the previous albums, but going one step further with a clearer sound and a richer feeling. This also may be thanks to the work of Eskil Lövström and Pelle Henricsson, the producers and mixers of ЯOMA, and who have worked with groups like The Hives.

What lies beneath this disc are 9 pretty good rock songs and a vibrant slower one that for sure will make you like this album. In fact, despite I don’t find this album as good as About Useless Needs (I want to write a comment about this album also just to give it 4.5 out of 5 m’s) it’s a quite refreshing breeze in the current rock panorama.

Despite being a copyrighted album, and as I said in the beginning of this post, you can download this album for free until December 1st update: until December 15th from their website, where you can also listen it without downloading. To help non-Spanish speakers (for the site is in Spanish), to download the album you have to click where it says clicka aquí (which is the Spanish for click here), next to the blinking text. If you want to know how they sounded in previous albums, I wrote a post about the song How? ES half year ago.

The album will hit the Spanish music stores in December 1st, 2007, but I don’t know if it will be available abroad. If not, you can buy it from Music Aloud’s official page, who seems to ship worldwide.

Just to finish the comment, I want to say that I’d like to have the chance to see this band in concert, because I really love their 3 albums. If you have that opportunity, don’t miss it because I’m sure that they won’t deceive you. And give the album a try, it deserves it.


  1. Pink Glance.

  2. Let Me Flow.

  3. Emphasis.

  4. Rhythm Delight.

  5. Whenever.

  6. Mother Love.

  7. Dancing Woman.

  8. A Calla In the Room.

  9. Give It To Me.

  10. No Time Is Over.


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