2007 November

November has been a very intense month, in which a lot of things have happened… unfortunately there’s no time to write about everything, but at least I can do it about some points.

The meeting with the coordinator of the Electrical Engineering area of the BTH that I spoke about in the previous month’s abstract went OK, and he allowed us to begin the courses of the MSc (but we have yet to apply and be accepted in the MSc for next year). I’m liking the courses I’m taking, and I already had one exam. The only thing that I don’t like too much is going back to the routine of sleeping only 4 hours a day to be able to finish the home and laboratory assignments. Also, I’m taking a Swedish course at BTH, and I already passed my first exam, hehe.

Apart from this, November began very well, with the best Halloween party I’ve ever been in (with the people from Minerva, of course) and a couple of days later, the trip to GdaƄsk, which became a great opportunity to know from first hands some things about Poland.

For the past two weeks, it hasen’t been strange the day in which I woke up and I saw from my window the Baltic sea partially frozen. The first time you see something like that is somewhat impressive, even more if you think that it’s only November and that the real cold is yet to come. Maybe in January it will be so frozen that we’ll be able to walk over it… that would be really great!.

A funny thing I saw while walking near a forest, was that there were a lot of ducks in the sea, and then, like 30 or 40 ducks organized themselves and tried to cross a road while forming a queue… the curious thing was that on the other side of the road there was a metallic fence 2 meters high, so crossing the road was futile. Finally a car scared them and they flew back to the sea.

One thing that usually appears in American movies that I didn’t thought I was going to experience by myself (because it never drew my attention) is Thanksgiving day, but an American girl decided to celebrate it and invited some people. As the day we celebrated it was the Lebanon’s day and one of our friends is from there, we made a double celebration dinner which was very fine, despite the fact that there were no turkey, hehe.

Also, I had the opportunity to watch the Spain-Sweden football match surrounded by Swedes. The ambient was great, and despite Sweden lost, everybody enjoyed a good time and we celebrated a party together.

The last remarkable event may be an international dinner organized by the BTH in which students cooked food from their countries, a little bit like the International Evening event in the BEST courses ES . There were food from about 20 different countries, but none from Spain (how shaming that no Spanish students volunteered for this, hehe).

Of course there have been more events and interesting things during this month, but as I said in the beginning, I don’t have time to write about everything, and also, the time I spend writing I can’t use it for other purposes, so I have to keep balance. Well, more or less this is a brief abstract of how’s been November, but now is time to focus in December and next year!