Dexter (2nd Season)

Here we have another series that has ended recently, so, it’s time to write about it ^^

Dexter Original title: Dexter. Spanish title: Dexter. Season: Second Season. Year: 2007. Genre: Drama, Thriller. Country: United States of America (USA). Language: English. Episodes: 12 x 50 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: James Manos Jr., based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. Director: Various. Script: Various. Photography: Romeo Tirone. Music: Daniel Licht. Cast: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jaime Murray, Keith Carradine, Jennifer Carpenter, Erik King, David Zayas, James Remar.


Plot outline After the case of the Ice-Truck Killer, Dexter, and specially Debra, try to resume their life and continue their routines, as different as they are.

Comment without spoilers Fortunately, with this series hasn’t happened the same as with the second volume of Heroes, and the ending hasn’t been improvised due to the writer’s strike. However, it seems that some days ago the last 2 episodes were leaked to the net, for the last episode is supposed to be aired in 6 days.

The main plot of this second season, which doesn’t follow the books by Jeff Lindsay, is even better that in the first one, being much more intense, oriented in a very logical way and without the drawback of the first season of being so predictable. Also, the joining of the new characters gave it a fresher feeling.

The acting of the cast is great, in most cases as good as previously, but in the case of Michael C. Hall he does a better job, as in this season his character has a wider range of behaviors, feelings and outer masks. The new actors did a fantastic job.

The soundtrack keeps mixing score tracks with Latin-American style songs, giving a great overall feeling, as this songs often contrasts highly with the scenes they’re in. So I have to rectify the previous comment in which I said that it wasn’t impressive… certainly it is.

The general atmosphere and background also maintains the same feeling as in the first season… well, not in everything, for the presence of Spanish dialogs has been severely reduced. The rest is more or less the same.

So, giving it an overall look, I must say that I loved this season, as it kept me trapped week after week as very few series has been able to, so I recommend it strongly, but with one condition… if you haven’t seen the first season, you better do, or there’ll be a lot of things you won’t understand.


As I already said, this second season has been much better that the first one, with the plot that maybe all of us who watched the first season thought about, and that is… what would happen if somebody found the corpses in the ocean?

The character of Lila is great, with a lot of different roles that gives the series (and Dexter) the necessary push they needed to go an step forward and become an essential show.

Doakes, one of the characters of the first season I liked most, has an even more main role in this season, and it’s really very sad that he dies… I disliked it. Moreover if you take into account the relationship he establishes with Dexter in the last episodes.

Masuka… well, in this season Masuka is still Masuka, but squared, hehe.

And what to say about Dexter, who is given deeper personality and background, letting appear his human side, both for the good and for the bad… in this season is even a better character than in the previous.

Other thing I didn’t liked, and that seemed very forced to me, was when at the end of the last episode, it seems that Dexter is going to stop killing and that he’s going to enjoy his liberty… and then he makes the statement that he’s going to keep killing. Well, I now that the series is in good shape to continue making money with it, but I hope that the next season is worth it, because I think that if you quit the part in which he hides his new box, if would’ve been a great end.


P.S.: No time to check for errors now… if I have time, I’ll do it in a couple of days!

List of episodes:

  1. It’s Alive!.

  2. Waiting to Exhale.

  3. An Inconvenient Lie.

  4. See-Through.

  5. The Dark Defender.

  6. Dex, Lies, and Videotape.

  7. That Night, A Forest Grew.

  8. Morning Comes.

  9. Resistance Is Futile.

  10. There’s Something About Harry.

  11. Left Turn Ahead.

  12. The British Invasion.


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