Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle

This post is going to be a tribute both to the Metalocalypse series and to the last two weeks, which have been a little bit tough and with very few sleeping hours… Coffee is metal.

The video is from the series, so if you like it you can give the first episode a try following this link (it’s only 11 min. long). If I were you, I wouldn’t miss the chance.

Song: Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle. Group: Dethklok. Album: The Dethalbum (2007). Genre: Metal.


Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee? From the hills of Colombia?

The Duncan Hills will wake you From a thousand deaths A cup of Blackened Blood (Die, die) You’re dying for a cup

Guatemalan blend Ethiopian French vanilla roast (Die die) You’re dying for a cup

Prepare for ultimate flavor You’re gonna get some… NOW! And scream for your cream

Duncan! Hills! Duncan! Hills! Duncan! Hills! Coffee!


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