When I first saw this, I knew I had to write about it…

While in one of the corridors of the Department of Mathematics and Science of the Blekinge Institute of Technology, which is very curious because they have a lot of posters with interesting facts about maths (yes, contrary to what a lot of people think, there are some, hehe), I saw a map that attracted my attention, because… well, what was a map doing in there?

MathMap Detail

When I got near to it and looked in detail, I saw what you can see in the image above. Yes, that is, a geographic map of the mathematics. It’s been done by Håkan Lennerstad, teacher of the department. You can find more information about the map in Matematik & dialoger (in Swedish, sorry), where you can even buy a copy in A3 size for 50 SEK (a little bit more of 5 €).


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to collect more information, as it seems that the map is not very famous and most of the information available is in Swedish.

Now, a little bit aside from the post, I have to say that this is going to be my last post written in Sweden for this year, as today I’ll spend the whole day in Malmö, and in the next days I’ll go to Copenhagen and Frankfurt before arriving to Spain for Christmas.

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