Malmö: First Impressions

While going back home for Christmas, why not spend a couple of days doing some tourism in one of the most important cities of Sweden? Even more taking into account than the last place I visited was Holmsjö.

Malmö, founded in the 13th century, is situated in the south of Sweden, just in front of Copenhagen, and it’s the third largest city of the country (after Stockholm and Gothenburg) with a population of about 280.000. Compared to Madrid is not really big but after having lived in Karlskrona for 3 months, it’s a huge difference (and in some ways, relieving).

Malmö - Lilla Torget 1

Despite it’s size, most of the relevant sightseeings are held more or less in the same area, so, if you don’t plan to visit the museums, and the weather is fine, you can visit almost everything in just one day. However, if the weather is not so fine (like this weekend, which was horribly cold) you can split it into two days.

Aside the Turning Torso (the most famous skyscraper in Malmö), Ribban (the beach) and the Öresundsförbindelsen (the bridge that connects Malmö and Copenhagen), the most touristic places to see are located around Stortorget (the main square) and Kungsparken (the Royal Park), with other interesting things slightly more disseminated in the triangle formed by Gustav Adolfs Torg, Pildammsparken and Folkets Park.

Malmö - Mill

Those said sightseeings blend architectures ranging from the Late Middle Ages to the most recent trends, like the Turning Torso, giving as a result a fantastic blend.

The streets are very irregular, being some of them wide and others narrow; ones made of stones, and others paved; some with wide and others with narrow sidewalks. Also, lots of them are decorated with small copper statues.

Malmö - Lilla Torget 2

In this dates, of course, there’s Christmas decoration in the city, but as opposed to the decorations often found in Madrid (surprisingly tacky), in Malmö most of them are very elegant and distinguished.

Definitely, a very interesting city, worth visiting to spend a couple of days getting relaxed, discovering the Swedish culture and way of life and admiring the fine architecture present in the city.

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