Things Accomplished in 2007

This is the last day of 2007, so it’s time to think about what have happened during the last 365 days… As I did last year ES , I’m going to compare the list of things I wanted to do this year ES with the things that I’ve really accomplished.

Things I wanted to do that I’ve accomplished:

  • Get an Erasmus: Since October 1, 2007 I’m on Erasmus on Sweden doing my degree project.

  • Finish my degree (or pass every subject except my degree project): I passed all the courses in June, but I saved the degree project for the Erasmus.

  • Continue reading in English: As you can check here, clearly I’ve done this. However, since I arrived to Sweden I haven’t been able to read a single page for fun… but I’ve read thousands of pages of technical books and papers xD.

  • Travel to a foreign country I haven’t been in yet: This year I’ve been in two countries I’ve never been before… Sweden and Poland. I’ve also been in Denmark, but as it only was in the airport/train station, I don’t count it yet (next year I’ll spend some days there, hopefully).

  • Be happier than in 2006: This one was easy :D.

Things I wanted to do that I haven’t accomplished:

  • Free fall. (¿Jal? xD): Nothing at all… and the chances got reduced drastically when Jal moved to Frankurt and I did the proper moving to Sweden.

  • Do some windsurfing: I have had chances to do it, but no real time :S.

  • Do some scuba diving: Too expensive if you have to live by your own and you’ve never gotten a real job.

  • Go to the Euskal: As one of my friends says… the day I get to go to the Euskal, the Earth will collapse.

  • Go back to Barcelona: I didn’t have the chance :S

  • Win a photographic contest: I tried, but… no luck, hehe. However, a couple of my photographies have been used in travel guides.

  • Take a daily photograph: I did it for 36 days xD.

Unexpected extras:

Just to finish the post, I’d like to thank all the people that reads and wish a happy 2008… Enjoy!.

P.S.: If I remember more things, I’ll update this posts ^^.

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