2007 December

December wasn’t much different from November in the academic field… you know, a lot of classes, laboratories and assignments, and very little time to rest. Also, a shadow of doubt appeared over the MSc, as I wasn’t sure that that was what I wanted to do.

Also, in some way, December was the beginning of an end, because some people I appreciate already finished they’re exchange programs and left Karlskrona (fortunately we made great farewell parties), and others announced that they were leaving in the end of January, so there’s no much time left to share with them.

And it was a shock that one of the flatmates of Diana died the day before we were going to Malmö. The fact is that he had cancer and a tumor derived from it. In the beginning it was in his face, but it happened that in the last weeks it spread towards his lungs, so he finally died. Nosakhare Usuanlele, requiescat in pace.

The trip to Malmö was very refreshing, after having stayed about 3 months in a small town like Karlskrona, and we really enjoyed it. However, the weather was much worse than in Blekinge, and for some moments the cold was almost unbearable.

And the trip back to Madrid was an odyssey. On December 24, after taking the train from Malmö to Copenhagen, we were supposed to take one plane from Copenhagen to Frankfurt, wait one hour at the airport and then take another plane from Frankfurt to Madrid. The problem is that we boarded the first plane with a 20 minutes delay, and once there, the pilot said that we were going to have to wait for 45 minutes, because the turbines had to be repaired. I don’t know how, but the fact is that we took the second plane on time and we were at home in time for Christmas dinner.

And in Madrid, I spend a great time with my family and friends. But I hated walking around the centre of the city, which was completely overcrowded… at least it was good to feel again the heartbeat of my hometown.