Cafe Ferber Gdańsk

Well, I’m going to begin to publish all the pendant posts I have from the last months, and the first one is this about the Cafe Ferber Gdańsk, which comes with a delay of about 2 months.

Gdansk, coffee moments Name: Cafe Ferber Gdańsk. Type: Chill Out Café. Address: Ulica Długa 77/78 80-801 Gdańsk (Poland) MAP Schedule: - Phone: (58) 301 55 66. Smoking: - Rating: Good.

Currently there are 2 Cafe Ferber in Poland (and in the world), and both of them are placed in the conurbation of Trójmiasto, being one of them in Sopot and the other one in Gdańsk, and it’s the latter the one I’m going to talk about.

Cafe Ferber Gdańsk is placed in Ulica Długa, literally the long street of Gdańsk, in the heart of the old town, the part of the city that, if you remember my first impressions, was clearly my favorite. So the place is located in the best street of the city.

great coffee The place is large, being able to locate plenty of people, and it has a colorful chill out decoration, with lights and fabrics of warm colors (like red or purple), and there’s background music (chill out, of course) that helps you to stay cool. Also there are some big paintings of important people in the history of the city, that surprisingly mixes great with the rest of the decoration.

It has two different kind of purposes, depending on the time of the day, for during the day is open to serve food, milkshakes and cocktails; and during the night it behaves as a nightclub.

In its “day shift”, which when I went there, the cafe becomes a great place to cool off with your friends while eating something and having some drinks. The prices at first might seem a little bit expensive but I have to say that the amounts of food are very generous. For example, I tried the Gdańsk Menu for breakfast with another person, which is 22 Złoty (about 6 €), and we could barely ate everything.

So, I cannot compare this place with any other in the same area, for this is the only one I went in, but the general feeling that it left me was really good, and I felt very comfortable there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go there during the nightclub hours… but I hope to able to fix that soon ^^.

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