Restaurang Yasso

Well, with this post, I finish the Malmö series, at least until I go there again! Which I hope is soon, by the way.

Name: Yasso Genre: Greek food Address: Isak Slaktareg. 6 21121 Malmö, Sweden. MAP Schedule: Monday to Saturday, from 17:00 to 22:00. Sunday from 14:00 to 22:00. How to arrive: - Phone: 040 121 272 Smoking: Not allowed. Rating: Good. Price: Medium (130 SEK each). Quality/price: Very Good.

In the beginning, we were going to a sushi restaurant, but unfortunately, when we arrived it was closed, like many other restaurants that night. So we decided to enter the first restaurant we saw, and it happened to be Yasso.

Yasso is located very close to Lilla Torget, and the place is of a mid size, being able to host about 80 people. Its decoration tries to resemble typical Greek ornaments, with vines, a couple of columns and blue and white table clothes. Also, as a curiosity, it’s remarkable that there’s a column with some signals indicating the distance and direction to some parts of the restaurant.

Yasso - Inside

The personnel of Yasso was very kind and efficient, specially the waiter, who, as the menu was only in Swedish, was very helpful translating the ingredients we didn’t understood. The cook also was very kind, but he didn’t seemed to understand much English.

The menu had a moderate variety of dishes to choose from, but in our case, we decided to eat from the buffe, because it was very cheap (109 SEK with water, and 129 SEK with a soft drink) and allowed us to try more than a dozen different dishes which, by the way, were very delicious.

So, the truth is that I really liked this place, and the fact that it made me forget the deception of finding the sushi restaurant closed says a lot about Yasso. Personally, the next time I go to Malmö, I’ll try to relive my experience in this restaurant.

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