Gominolas (1st Season)

As some of you already know, sometimes, without any logical reason, I find myself watching some Spanish series of doubtful quality, like Génesis: En la Mente del Asesino ES or M.I.R. ES . Being in exile hasn’t changed that, and this last months I’ve been watching Gominolas.

Gominolas (1st Season) Original title: Gominolas. Spanish title: Gominolas. Season: First Season. Year: 2007. Genre: Comedy, Drama. Country: Spain. Language: Spanish. Episodes: 1 x 45 min + 6 x 30 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: Nacho G. Velilla. Director: Marc Vigil, Nacho G. Velilla. Script: Various. Photography: Francisco Pérez Romero, Isaac Vila. Music: Guille Milkyway, Fernando Velázquez. Cast: Fernando Tejero, Arturo Valls, Kira Miró, Gorka Lasaosa, Mariona Ribas, Fernando Albizu, Lluís Homar.


Plot outline 20 years ago, Gominolas (the Spanish word for wine gums) was a successful music band formed by kids, but that success didn’t last long. Now, because of the dead of one of the former members due to drug overdose, the remain members meet again.

Comment without spoilers This series is a situation comedy with a prominent part of drama, as the main plot of each episode comes straight from the miserable life of the characters. The rhythm of the episodes are very irregular, and they have a lot of incoherences and contradictions, in order to be able to create the different jokes.

The work of the cast is not very good, for their performances are very poor, and most of them does the same kind of characters they’ve been doing for years. The only exceptions are Lluís Homar and Gorka Lasaosa, being the latter unknown to me before this series. I only hope that Gorka has a wider range of performances than the rest of his partners in Gominolas. Also, a case apart (and not for good reasons) is Kira Miró, with an awful performance that only draws attention because she appears half naked in most of the episodes.

The characters of this series are completely archetypical, and they don’t really add any value, besides their misery to be used in the plots to create the situations that lead to the gags.

In Gominolas, as the series is based in a former music band, the music has its importance both in direct and indirect way. And thanks to the help given by Guille Milkyway the music that appears in this first season is really good.

I don’t know what to say about the general atmosphere, because there’s no solid background for any atmosphere to be sustained.

My conclusion is that this series is moderately entertaining, but not really interesting. In fact I don’t think I can recommend it to anyone with a minimum good taste. The only thing that worths something is part of the soundtrack.

As a curiosity, the title of every episode comes from the titles of very famous Spanish pop and rock songs.

By the way, this is a scheduled post… I’ve been since yesterday in Gothenburg and I’m away from my beloved MacBook Pro, but don’t worry, soon I’ll be back, writing posts about this city :D.

List of episodes:

  1. Bailaré sobre tu tumba.

  2. Horror en el hipermercado.

  3. Rock and Roll Star.

  4. Mis problemas con las mujeres.

  5. Yo quiero tener un millón de amigos.

  6. So payaso.

  7. La vida sigue igual.

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