Restaurang & Bar Aberdeen

One of the first things I did when I arrived to Göteborg, almost before going to the hostel, was to go to have a nice dinner, because after about 5 hours of train trip, I was starving!

Name: Aberdeen Genre: Swedish food and beers Address: Sveagatan 29 41314 Göteborg, Sweden. MAP Schedule: - How to arrive: Trams no. 1, 2 and 6, Olivedalsgatan stop Phone: 031 13 33 00 Smoking: Not allowed. Rating: Regular. Price: Medium (120 SEK each). Quality/price: Good.

Aberdeem is in a corner of one of the most important streets of Göteborg, and just a couple of minutes walking from the hostel I was going to spend the night (and about which I’ll talk in a few days).

The place is nor very big, and, in fact it resembles more a pub in which you can order some dishes aside from the beer than a restaurant itself. All the furniture is made of robust wood, and the decoration is, as you can expect from its name, very Scottish styled. Also, at least on monday nights, it’s atmosphere is very relaxing.

Göteborg - Aberdeen

The menu comprehend a moderated range (about 10 or so) of Swedish dishes, with some typical food like kötbullar med lingon (the traditional Swedish meatballs) for about 62 SEK, and also some special dishes for about 88 SEK.

In our case, we ordered the 2 special dishes they had at that moment, that is, entrecôte with béarnaise sauce and salmon with dill sauce. Both of them served with potatoes in another dish. The food wasn’t the better I’ve ever tried, and in the case of the salmon the ration wasn’t even generous, but it accomplished it objective.

With the food we ordered a couple of beers, and despite they had tap beers, they were Swedish, like Falcon and Pripps Blå, so we had a pair of bottles of Carlsberg for 32 SEK each. Note that both Falcon and Pripps Blå despite being Swedish are property of Carlsberg, but I prefer the flavor of a real Carlsberg.

So, not an outstanding restaurant or bar, but it’s not expensive and it fulfills its role perfectly.