2008 Februari

Another month here in Sweden (that’s I write Februari instead of February :P), so it’s time to remember a little bit of it.

The month began as it ended the previous one (despite I didn’t commented it), with me living for some days in Minerva (other of the student residences here in Karlskrona). I really enjoyed it a lot, probably because most of my friends here live there, and it was a nice experience, because there the way of life is very different from Polhemsgatan (the one I live in). It wasn’t better nor worse, simply different… but I’ll comment this differences in the future, in a proper post.

After that, and as you may already know, I spent a couple of days in Göteborg (I hope to finish that series of posts soon). I loved to feel again the warmth of a big city, and most of all, to eat sushi almost until death. Which, by the way, reminds me that it’s been long since the last time I cooked sushi…

In the next days, my life combined the routine of working on the project (which currently goes fast and smooth), with being a little bit stressed because some lab assignments, and with different theme parties like the Valentine’s Day, Carnival or The Hawaiian Night, perfectly organized by the people from Minerva.

And for the last days of the month, I went to Kiruna (with some people from Minerva), mainly to try to see the northern lights. We saw 2 weak ones in the plane while we were on our way there, and partly another one in our last night, but unfortunately the weather was too cloudy to have a nice view.

Aside the northern lights stuff, we went to the Ice Hotel (and Ice Bar), to a sauna, we bathed in a frozen lake (and ran over it wearing only a swimsuit), drove a dogsled, spent a whole night in the snow and more things. But don’t worry, in the future you’ll have more details :D. It was a great trip, and I really enjoyed it a lot, but I feel that we could have done even more things. Maybe the next time I go to the Arctic Circle I can fulfill them.

It’s been a terrific month, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to make March best it, but I’ll really try hard to beat February. We’ll see how it goes ^_ ^