You already know how much I love architecture, even more if it’s contemporary, so I’m not going to miss the chance to speak a little bit about the Gothenburg Opera.

Name: GöteborgsOperan. Type: Arts Complex. Address: Geotag Christina Nilssons Gata 411 04 Göteborg, Sweden How to arrive: - Schedule: - Phone: 031 13 13 00.

The Göteborgsoperan is one of the cultural references of Göteborg, both because its architecture and the events organized inside it, as its used for opera, ballet, musicals and other activities. It’s also known because of its own ballet company: Göteborgsoperans balett.

Alexandre Buisse, Sweden.se 2008

The building was designed by Jan Izikowitz, of Lund & Valentin. I’d like to speak more about him, but I haven’t been able to find too much information about him or the company he works for, aside their official site, in which we can find pictures of some of their best works, like Mjärdevi Center in Linköping, and Louis De Geer Konserthus in Norrköpings.

The construction began in September 1989, and the work continued for 5 years. It was inaugurated in October 1994. Its final dimensions are 160 meters long, 85 meters wide and 32 meters high, giving it a total floor area is 28,700 square meters.


One of the points of the building that draws attention is its shape, because as its architect says, its shape is clearly influenced by the landscape surrounding it: the harbor of Göteborg. And the building gets it, as it resembles the essence of a sailing ship.

Unfortunately, I can’t speak too much about the inside of the opera, because due to the lack of time, we weren’t able to attend to any of the guided tours the Opera organizes, as I did in the Casa da Música ES of Porto. Maybe the next time I go to Göteborg.

Now, aside all of this, I’d like to say that is curious how fast the time goes by… as there have passed more that 6 months since I began writing mrithail.com in English. I can feel how much my writing skills have improved since that day, but the truth is that I still have much work to do to be able to write as good as I’d like to.

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