Little Britain (1st Season)

Absurd, delirious… all that and more, in Little Britain ^_^

Little Britain (1st Season) Original title: Little Britain. Spanish title: - Season: First Season. Year: 2003. Genre: Sketch comedy. Country: United Kingdom (UK). Language: English. Episodes: 8 x 30 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Director: - Script: David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Photography: Rob Kitzmann. Music: David Arnold. Cast: David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Tom Baker, Anthony Head, Paul Putner, Steve Furst, Charu Bala Chokshi.


Plot ouline This series narrates cultural behaviors and traditions of “Little Britain” through different short sketches centered around the lives of certain natives of the “country”.

Comment without spoilers Little Britain doesn’t have a main plot, and most of the time neither the independent sketches. The thing most similar to a plot are the subtle evolutions that suffer some characters during their sketches, which, by the way, are completely weird (and funny).

The characters of the series, as bizarre as they are, are simply great, both because of their own charismatic behaviors and because of the fantastic characterization made by David Walliams and Matt Lucas, the true genius behind Little Britain.

The soundtrack is almost inexistent, and all the sketches only have background noise. However, sometimes in the transition from one sketch to the next (when the narrator makes its appearance), there’s an introductory tune.

The general atmosphere is very good, getting you to feel as if you were in the United Kingdom (the country about this series make real fun about). At least for me, that I’ve lived in England for 4 months, is as if I were back there.

So, a quite funny series, very recommendable if you want some easy laughs and you don’t feel offended by politically incorrect jokes.

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