Kiruna Kyrka

As I said in my first impressions about Kiruna, one of the only manmade interesting things to see in Kiruna is its church.

Name: Kiruna Kyrka. Type: Church. Address: Geotag Kyrkogatan 8 98131 Kiruna, Sweden How to arrive: - Schedule: Closes at 16:00. Phone: -

Kiruna kyrka (that is, the church of Kiruna), which is located in a hill very close to the centre of the city, was build between 1909 and 1912, being a gift from LKAB (the mining company set in Kiruna) to the people of the city. In front of the main entrance of the church, we can find the clock tower, which is abut 35 meters high and hosts 2 clocks.

Kiruna - Kyrka outside

It was designed by Gustaf Wickman, who got inspiration from the traditional Sami huts (kåta), from which it receives its characteristic almost pyramidal shape, but not the Falu red in which its exterior is painted. In 2001, it was officially honored as Sweden’s most beautiful church, as well as best Swedish building built before 1950.

The inside, being almost completely made of wood, is capable of seating about 800 people. It also hosts an impressive pipe organ, with more than 3000 pipes. The altar painting was made by Prince Eugén, Duke of Närke, but I have to say that I don’t really see how it matches with the rest of the building.

Kiruna - Kyrka inside

Kiruna kyrka is used for services of the Church of Sweden, being Evangelical Lutheran, a branch of Christianity. It is the largest Lutheran church in the world, and until the year 2000, the official religion of Sweden.

I really liked this place, and as I’ve said plenty of times, together with Kiruna’s city hall, is the only interesting building in Kiruna, so if you have the chance to visit it, don’t miss it.

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