2008 Mars

One more month in Sweden, and I sadly see how my Erasmus is slowly approaching to its end… So it isn’t time to be sad, but to take advantage of the time left, and that’s what happened in March.

As I commented about last month, to me, March began in Kiruna Geotag , with -20ºC, trying to see the aurora borealis and experiencing new things, like bathing in a frozen lake or running over it just wearing a swimsuit. A great experience that I sincerely recommend to everyone.

When I came back to Karlskrona Geotag , the weather was completely different from Kiruna, and almost as when we left our Swedish home, with sun, clear skies and a lot of wind that made you very cold. Surprisingly, it snowed the whole Easter week (before this, it only had snowed twice since I’ve been here), and we are still enjoying some remains of that snow.

However, this snow, as everything, has its drawbacks, because we planned to go make quick visits to nearby places like Kalmar and Växjö, and the mixture of snow and fast winds prevented us from doing so. I hope we can go during the first half of April, because I really want to see those places. At least, we could enjoy some great parties, like St. Patrick in an Irish friend’s house. Also, thanks to some people from Minerva, I remembered the good old times playing Counter-Strike.

Taking advantage of the bad weather, and taking into account that we had a lot of hard work ahead of us, Diana and me worked a lot on our degree project, having a couple of meeting with our supervisor. Fortunately it seems to have worked OK for us, as we’ve almost finished, and we’re waiting for the final approval of our supervisor for the practical part, while we write the report. Also I’ve began the arrangements for working abroad from this summer. Currently I’m not going to comment much more about this now, but we’ll see how it works in the end.

So it hasn’t been a month as terrific as the previous one, nor in parties nor in trips, but there has been a lot of progress in the professional area… Now you’ll have to wait a little bit more for the next summary, but I can tell you now that in April I’m going to travel a lot :D