Scrubs (3rd & 4th Season)

Another comment about this series… this time joining together both the 3rd and the 4th seasons.

Scrubs (3rd & 4th Seasons) Original title: Scrubs. Spanish title: Scrubs. Season: Third and Fourth Seasons. Year: 2003 - 2004 & 2004 - 2005. Genre: Comedy, Drama. Country: United States of America (USA). Language: English. Episodes: 22 x 20 min & 25 x 20 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: Bill Lawence. Director: Various. Script: Bill Lawrence and others. Photography: John Inwood. Music: Jan Stevens. Cast: Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes.


Plot outline The third season shows the second year of residence of J.D., Elliot and Turk, while in the fourth season, they have finished their residence and at last they are full doctors. However, their relation with the rest of the personnel in the hospital doesn’t changes too much.

Comment without spoilers I decided to write the comment about the 3rd and the 4th seasons together because, as it happened with the second one, they don’t add anything different from the first one, giving you the feeling that nothing is evolving and that always is happening the same.

Aside from the the guest appearance of Michael J. Fox in the third season and the recurrent presences of Tara Reid in both seasons and Heather Graham in the fourth, there’s not much to tell about the cast, as they keep doing the same good work as always.

In the characters part, I have to say that the only one who evolves during the four seasons is Todd. I must admit that in the beginning I didn’t liked him, but currently is my favorite one. The music has the same importance as in the previous seasons.

So, they’re interesting seasons, but the truth is that they don’t offer anything new, and the series seems to be completely stuck. I hope this changes in the next one, or I’m afraid I won’t continue watching Scrubs.

List of episodes of the 3rd Season:

  • My Own American Girl.

  • My Journey.

  • My White Whale.

  • My Lucky Night.

  • My Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • My Advice to You.

  • My Fifteen Seconds.

  • My Friend the Doctor.

  • My Dirty Secret.

  • My Rule of Thumb.

  • My Clean Break.

  • My Catalyst.

  • My Porcelain God.

  • My Screw Up.

  • My Tormented Mentor.

  • My Butterfly.

  • My Moment of Un-Truth.

  • His Story II.

  • My Choosiest Choice of All.

  • My Fault.

  • My Self-Examination.

  • My Best Friend’s Wedding.

List of episodes of the 4th Season:

  • My Old Friend’s New Friend.

  • My Office.

  • My New Game.

  • My First Kill.

  • Her Story.

  • My Cake.

  • My Common Enemy.

  • My Last Chance.

  • My Malpractical Decision.

  • My Female Trouble.

  • My Unicorn.

  • My Best Moment.

  • My Ocardial Infarction.

  • My Lucky Charm.

  • My Hypocritical Oath.

  • My Quarantine.

  • My Life in Four Cameras.

  • My Roommates.

  • My Best Laid Plans.

  • My Boss’s Free Haircut.

  • My Lips Are Sealed.

  • My Big Move.

  • My Faith in Humanity.

  • My Drive-By.

  • My Changing Ways.


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