The Fox and Anchor (Buffet)

I think I should begin commenting a little bit about the places you can find in Karlskrona Geotag . And this time I’m going to talk about The Fox and Anchor, but not as a restaurant or a pub, just as a buffet.

Name: The Fox and Anchor. Genre: English Restaurant & Pub. Address: Geotag Norra Smedjegatan 1 37133 Karlskrona, Sweden Schedule (buffet): Fridays from 16:00 to 18:30. How to arrive: Mostly with any bus and train in Karlskrona, as it’s placed close to the bus and train stations. Phone: 031 24 33 00 Smoking: Not allowed. Rating (buffet): Medium. Price (buffet): Very Cheap (SEK 60). Quality/price (buffet): Good.

The Fox and Anchor is located in he best place it could be in Karlskrona: the Stortorget, that is, the main square (and the heart) of the city, being surrounded by some of the most touristic monuments in the area. Also, it’s about 5 minutes walking from the bus and the train stations, so it’s very easy to get there.

Karlskrona - Fox and Anchor 1

The place is quite big, being able to hold a lot of people, and is distributed among different halls. Its decoration is that of a traditional English restaurant, with a lot of wooden furniture and metallic and crystal elements.

I can’t say too many things about the waiters, because I only interacted with them at the beginning, while paying and getting my drink, but they seemed moderately efficient. One detail I didn’t like is that I ordered a bottle of water and they served me a pint of tap water, without even having warned me about that. And taking into account that the drink was included in the price of the buffet, I don’t think it was fair.

Karlskrona - Fox and Anchor 2

The menu had dishes with prices ranges from SEK 45 to SEK 200, but we chose to eat from the buffet (well, the truth is that we went just for the buffet, hehe). The buffet is only on fridays from 16:00 to 18:30, and its price is SEK 58 with the beverage included. If the drink is an imported beer, then the price of the buffet is SEK 62, and knowing the quality of the Swedish beers, if you want a beer I think that it’s worth to pay the difference.

The range of dishes in the buffet was narrow, with about 4 different main dishes, and 7 entrĂ©es. Despite that it’s a little bit boring to go to a buffet with so little chances, the good point is that they don’t usually repeat the dishes from one session to the next, so if you go 2 consecutive weeks you won’t find the same dishes. The food was decent, without shining in any particular aspect, but for that price, you can’t really complain.

Karslkrona - Fox and Anchor 3

Another detail I didn’t like at all is that they only give you one plate for the whole meal, and is a small one. So you have to keep using it every time you go to get food, and if you’re not careful, after a couple of times filling the plate all the flavors would mix completely.

Despite the food is not outstanding, the ambience is great and the price of the buffet is really cheap, so it’s a great option if you are bored of spending the whole week cooking at home and you want to eat out very cheap.

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