Kårhuset Rotundan

After so many months here, I’m going to begin to talk about some places where you can party by night in Karlskrona Geotag . This is the first one, but don’t be demoralized by it!

Name: Kårhuset Rotundan Type: Student Pub. Address: Geotag Campus Gräsvik, Close to Valhallavägen 37141 Karlskrona, Sweden Schedule: Opens on thursdays from 21:00 to 02:00. How to arrive: Bus stop Campus Gräsvik. Phone: - Smoking: Not allowed. Rating: Bad.

Rotundan is located in Campus Gräsvik, in a building just besides the library of the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), and in front of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to this location, the student pub is close to the most important student lodgings, but about 30 minutes walking from the center of Karlskrona.

Karlskrona - Kårhuset Rotundan

If you go before 22:30, the entrance is for free, and after that, the price is SEK 20 for each person. To enter you must be student in a Swedish university; if not, a student must have previously added you to a guest’s list. What people usually does is to go at 22:20 get the stamp for free and then go back to another party until 00:00, when they come back to Rotundan. The space of the pub is divided into 3 different areas, as follows:

The main one is a round hall with a column in the middle, that serves as dance floor; it’s walls and ceiling is decorated with diverse banners from different proms of the BTH. The music usually played in this area is quite bad, concerning Swedish music artists from the eighties (unknown to foreigners) and some recent hits from the MTv.

The second area is a square hall with a small stage and a lot of sofas, where you can sit and talk comfortably. This area has a bar, and the music usually is a little bit better than in the dance floor, as here you can find from indie pop to punk and heavy, but unfortunately here the play it very low. The decoration here is similar to the one in the dance floor.

Kårhuset Rotundan

In the mentioned bars, you can get almost any kind of drink, an also 2 or 3 different fast food dishes, like nachos and a kind of Swedish pizza… only microwaveable things. The cheapest drink is Tuborg Grün, a vile beer for SEK 20. The rest of beers, like Heineken, Carlsberg, Guiness (in bottle, just disgusting) and Newcastle are SEK 30. There are more kind of drinks, like wine or Bacardi Breezer, starting from SEK 30.

This place is OK for going out from the beginning of september to the end of november. Then, the quality of the music and the prices of the drinks will erode the audience, so each week less and less people will go, until it reaches a point in which there are just 8 or 9 people (not taking into account the people working there). As an example, last week they didn’t even open the dance floor in the whole night.

Sincerely, to me, as I said in the previous paragraph, for a couple of months is not great, just decent, but then it decays into becoming the worst option for going out in Karlskrona. But don’t worry, in Karlskrona there’re good places for partying… I’ll talk about them soon.