Going to Istanbul and Copenhagen

Well, you know that lately I haven’t been telling when I was going on a trip, but this time my travel is going to keep me away from home for 15 days, and from a computer for, at least, one week. So I think it’s worth mentioning.

About the first trip I already told you some time ago, but I can tell you again, hehe. The fact is that I’m going to Istanbul Geotag to take a 7-days course in Bioenergy taught by teachers of the Istanbul Technical University. The course has been arranged by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST), particularly by the group active in the previously mentioned university. After that, I’ll spend 4 more days there, visiting a friend of mine, but I don’t know yet if I’ll stay in Istanbul or I’ll try to visit any other part of Turkey.

Then, as my plane for coming back from Istanbul lands in Copenhagen Geotag , I’ll spend another 4 or 5 days there, visiting the city… at last. And I say at last because I’ve already been in Copenhagen 3 times, but only in its airport and its train station, so now I’ll happily be able to enjoy the capital of Denmark.

And after that, I’ll go back to Karlskrona Geotag , to relax some days after so many trips, to finish the degree project and… who knows what else?

As I usually do when I’m going to other countries, I’m going to put my “traditional” post-it, both in the header of the blog (where it will stay until I come back to Karlskrona) and in this post, so it doesn’t get lost in space and time, hehe.


Anyway, the blog won’t be dead this time, because I’ve scheduled some post trying to maintain my usual posting rhythm, that is, about 3 posts per week.

So… see you!