O'Learys Karlskrona (Buffet)

Hungry again? Let’s talk about another buffet in Karlskrona Geotag (well, this one you can find in other parts of Sweden as well).

Name: O’Learys Bar & Restaurant. Genre: American sport’s bar & restaurant. Address: Geotag Stortorget 2 37134 Karlskrona, Sweden Schedule (buffet): Fridays from 16:00 to 18:30. How to arrive: Mostly with any bus and train in Karlskrona, as it’s placed close to the bus and train stations. Phone: +46 (0)455-152 40. Smoking: Not allowed. Rating (buffet): Medium-Low. Price (buffet): Very Cheap (SEK 50). Quality/price (buffet): Medium.

O’Learys is a well known commercial chain in Sweden, mainly focused as a bar in which you can watch matches of your favorite sports, but which also works as a restaurant, karaoke, live shows and, buffet. And is the latter aspect the one I’m going to write about in this post.

Karlskrona O’Learys 1

This bar is located just in front of The Fox and Anchor, so they share the advantages of their placement. That is, being in the main touristic area of the city, and very close to both the train and bus stations.

This place, seen from the outside, seems to be of a moderate size, but once you enter, you discover that it’s big, really big, and it’s divided into 2 halls. The first one, is oriented to the restaurant, with plenty of chairs and tables. The second one is more flexible, with some arcades in one side, tables in the other, and a multipurpose central area. That central area has a big projector screen that is used to watch matches; also, there’s room enough for performing live shows, or else more tables and chairs can be set for the restaurant.

Karlskrona O’Learys 2

The furniture is mostly made of wood, and the place is decorated with lots of sport related pictures. Also, there’re plenty of flat TV screens in walls and columns to ensure the visibility of the matches. The waiters are fast and efficient, and seem to work perfectly even when the restaurant is overcrowded.

The price of the buffet, which like in The Fox and Anchor is only on fridays from 16:00 to 18:30, costs SEK 49, and that price includes a drink. The range of food offered in unbelievable narrow, or at least it was when I went there. For starters there were like 5 or 6 dishes with ingredients to make your own salad (one ingredient per dish). There were only 4 main dishes available: pasta, meatballs, ribs and chicken wings.

The meatballs and the ribs shared the same barbecue sauce and the chicken wings were so hot and spicy that it was complicated to eat even one. Also, of the 4 dishes there were always at least one empty, due to the slow speed in which the dishes were replaced. A good point is that I’ve heard that they change the kind of food from one buffet session to the other (with only 3.5 main dishes, it can’t be so difficult).

Karlskrona O’Learys 3

And here I saw also one of the problems I saw in The Fox and Anchor, the one of the small dish. With the problem that in this case it was worse, due to the extremely hot sauce they put in the chicken wings.

My conclusion is that, despite the fact that this buffet is amazingly cheap, the poor quality of the food is not worth giving it a try; well, maybe in case you want to go to a buffet and you’re tired of The Fox and Anchor. But in my case, I don’t think I’ll go back to O’Learys, at least not to its buffet.

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