Dusk in Karlskrona

Lately I’ve been thinking about the chance of introducing videos in mrithail.com, because despite using pictures is OK, I think that sometimes it’s better to show a video. For that purpose, I’ve been trying some services of video hosting with a sample video, and it seems that finally I’m going to choose Vimeo, where I’ve created an user and a video channel for the mrithail.com videos, where you can see them at its full resolution (despite the quality is not very good… remember that I record them with a Canon Ixus 60, hehe).

So now I leave you here the video I used for the test (I know it’s not very good, but it was supposed to be a dummy video), a dusk in Karlskrona Geotag . Any comments, both about the video hosting service, the content of the video or how it’s been edited are, of course, welcome.

See you when I come back from my trip to Istanbul Geotag and Copenhagen Geotag :D

Karlskrona Impressions:

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