South Park (11th Season)

Long time since the last time I spoke about an animated series, so let’s talk a little bit about South Park.

South Park Original title: South Park. Spanish title: South Park. Season: Eleventh Season. Year: 2006. Genre: Black Humor, Sitcom. Country: United States of America (USA). Language: English. Episodes: 14 x 22 min. Color or B/W: Color. Creator: Trey Parker, Matt Stone. Director: Trey Parker. Script: Trey Parker, Matt Stone and others. Music: Scott Nickoley. Studio: South Park Studios.


Plot outline This series revolves around Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick, 4 third grade students living in a small town in Colorado called South Park.

Comment without spoilers I have to admit that South Park never attracted my attention too much, and that aside from the movie and some random episodes, I havn’t watched much of it. However, since recently South Park Studios put all the episodes in their web to be watched via streaming, I decided to give it a try.

The episodes are mostly independent from each other (except in cases like the Imaginationland saga), and usually have an initial event that acts as a spark to ignite a plot with diverse twists used to chain one sketch with the next. Compared to the first episodes I watched some years ago, in which the episodes were just the mentioned chain, with no other purpose than being harsh and shocking; now beside being equally shocking, the sketches lie over sarcasm making parodies of big elements of the cultural and political way of life from the U.S.

The main characters have well defined behaviors, giving you an a idea on how their reactions are going to be. Also, they are quite bizarre (not only the main ones, but everyone), leading to hilarious scenes parodying, as I previously said, the U.S. way of life.

The soundtrack is quite simple, and is almost the same in every episode. And the general atmosphere of South Park is quite good, as they’ve been working on it for about 11 years.

The animation, which I think that is one of the most recognizable elements of this series, is very simplistic, using computer animation techniques to emulate the cut-out cartoons animation technique used by animation geniuses like Terry Gilliam.

So, it might not be the best series ever, nor the funniest one, but is very entertaining. Also, the easiness to watch it (streaming from the official web site), makes it win a lot of points in boredom times. But remember, if you can’t stand politically incorrect humor, don’t give it a try.

List of episodes:

  • With Apologies to Jesse Jackson.

  • Cartman Sucks.

  • Lice Capades.

  • The Snuke.

  • Fantastic Easter Special.

  • D-Yikes!.

  • Night of the Living Homeless.

  • Le Petit Tourette.

  • More Crap.

  • Imaginationland Episode I.

  • Imaginationland Episode II.

  • Imaginationland Episode III.

  • Guitar Queer-o.

  • The List.

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