2008 April / Nisan

This time, aside from writing the name of the month in Swedish (April), I think it deserves also to be written in Turkish (Nisan), you already know why…

The month began in a very stressful way, because despite the supervisor of our thesis in the beginning said that we had already finished the practical part, he started sending email after email asking us to change some things and implement lots of new features in our program. So mainly that’s what I did during the first half of the month.

All of that, of course, seasoned with some parties and social activities with the Minerva people (like the Mexican party). And of course, my birthday, which I couldn’t celebrate properly due to some logistic problems, but at least I enjoyed it a lot.

And the weather in Karlskrona Geotag was slowly improving. We had the same clear skies as in the rest of the year, but the cold winds started to go away, and the sun grew stronger, so you could start feeling a little bit of heat, and sometimes leave your coat in the wardrobe.

Then, a neverending trip that started one saturday at 19:00 and finished on sunday at 9:00 with my arrival at the destination. It was a train trip to Copenhagen Geotag , followed by a flight to Istanbul Geotag , where I took a course in Bioenergy at Istanbul Technical University.

The fore mentioned course, which was arranged by the fantastic guys of BEST Istanbul, lasted from April 20 to 26, and mixed lectures with city tours, night parties, events to discover Turkish culture and visit to factories, such as a biodiesel factory and a Turkish desserts factory. The course was great, and it helped me not only to improve as an engineer, but also as a person. There I met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could due to some family problems (that now are solved, by the way ^_^).

When the course finished, I stayed in Istanbul for 4 more days with Arzu (whom I met here in Karlskrona during our Erasmus) and UlaƟ, who accompanied by Sevan happened to be the perfect hosts.

And what to say about Istanbul… despite the unstable weather, I have to say that it’s a completely amazing city! just marvelous… but I won’t advance anything, to read my detailed thoughts about it, you’ll have to wait for my “Istanbul: First Impressions” post.

After those days, I flew back to Copenhagen, where I spend some days enjoying the city, but for that you’ll also have to wait, as it happened in May. But my conclusion is that April has been amazing, and May is also keeping some great things for me, so… let’s wait and see!

Edit: I forgot to say that in this month I also received the great notice that I’ve been chosen for another BEST Course, this time in Bratislava, to attend a robotics course from June 28 to July 12 :)