Cafe Greven

Just one quick post before beginning with the Istanbul Geotag and Copenhagen Geotag post series…

Name: Greven. Genre: Cafe & Restaurant. Address: Geotag Borgmästaregatan 21 37135 Karlskrona, Sweden Schedule: Monday - tuesday: 11:00 - 17:00. Wednesday - saturday: 11:00 - 22:00. Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00. How to arrive: Mostly with any bus and train in Karlskrona, as it’s placed close to the bus and train stations. Phone: +46(0) 455 31 18 23. Smoking: Not allowed. Rating: Good. Price: Cheap (SEK 90). Quality/price: Very Good.

Cafe Greven is located very close to Fisktorget (The Fish Square), one of the main squares of Karlskrona Geotag , and in the same precinct as Blekinge Museum (The Museum of Blekinge), with which it shares a small and very beautiful 2-stories garden (and I have to say that the upper story is way better than the lower one).

Karlskrona - Greven 1

The place is divided into two different areas for eating, but even though is not very big. Fortunately, when it’s sunny you have the chance to eat in one of the outside tables and enjoy the good weather. The decoration of the place is very house like, and in its walls you can find curious details, like handmade illustrations of traditional Swedish clothes. Anyway, the feeling of the place is very relaxed and intimate.

The waiters do a good job, doing it fast and efficiently, not drawing too much attention to themselves and being very kind. It’s true that they weren’t the best waiters I’ve ever seen, but they work pretty well.

Karlskrona - Greven 3

The menu is composed by dishes ranging from SEK 60 to SEK 185, but maybe the best choice is to choose the daily menu, which is SEK 90 and consists in a traditional Swedish dish (you can choose between meat-based fish-based dishes) that changes from day to day (but which is the same every weekday). With the menu (I don’t know if with the normal dishes also) is included a a salad buffet with very different kind of salads, bread, coffee, tea, cake, water… almost everything you need in order to have a great meal.

The food was very delicious and tasty, and the amount of it served in the main dish was fairly good, despite the fact that in the picture it doesn’t look like it, but it’s the plate’s fault, as it was really huge. Anyway, if after that you’re still hungry, you can solve it with the aforementioned salad buffet or with the cake.

Karlskrona - Greven 2

Sincerely, to date this is my favorite place in Karlskrona for going out to eat, as it’s cheap, the quality of the food is very good, and aside of the beautiful garden of the entrance, the surroundings are really interesting. Ideal for relaxing and having a good meal after a long sightseeing day.

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