In a Cage

It’s been a long time since one of my favorite bands, Debod, appeared in… so long that all the previous post about them are in Spanish! But now it’s time to fix it.

In a Cage Album: In a Cage MCD. Band: Debod. CDs: 1. Songs: 6. Length: 24 minutes. Genre: Synthpop. Language: English. Producer: - Mix: - Label: Crazy Bear Records. License: Copyright. Year: 2008. Other: -


Last April 1, after more than one year without showing new material, and as if it were April Fools’ prank, Debod released its new MCD to prepare us for their new incoming album which is expected really soon (in fact I was waiting for that album to write a new post about them, but as it’s not out yet…).

Last year they signed a contract with Crazy Bear Records, and independent record label from Sweden, with whom they’ve published this MCD and who is going to publish also their new LP. After this arrangement was made, Debod began recording their material for the new album during the last months of 2007 (but unfortunately, they didn’t record in Sweden :S ).

In this album we can find 6 songs: In a cage both in its normal version and with 2 remixes, particularly interesting the Huckleberry remix, done only with guitar and harmonica; a remix of Destroy me, another new song (and to me, the limpest one of the album); a remix of The Second Part, a song that previously appeared in Symmetry, their previous work; and Try Again, a voiceless new song with nice rhythm. All of them together form a really amazing album.

You can listen to the album for free in Debod’s MySpace and buy it via internet either in CD format or as DRM-free mp3. You can order the CD for EUR 6 from the official site of Crazy Bear Records, or purchase it in mp3 from Klicktrack for just EUR 2.60.

Now, we can only wait for them to release their new album, and some lucky ones can also attend some of their shows… for me, it seems that I’ll have to wait until I go back to Spain to do so (a date which, by the way, is getting closer and closer each day).


  1. In a cage.

  2. In a cage (Electrock remix).

  3. Destroy me (Give me a remix).

  4. The second part (Deep club remix).

  5. In a Cage (Huckleberry remix).

  6. Try Again.

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