Taking the Show Back on the Road

As you may notice from my previous post, I’m really bad with farewells… well, now you can tell that it also happens to me with greetings.

One thing is clear… I really miss the blog, so I’m thinking of writing here again. But I’m still aware of the reasons why I left it, so probably many things will change. The first one will be the regularity, as I don’t want to be an slave of the blog again, so, once I’m up to date with the posts (I have too many pending ones), the rate at which I write will be greatly reduced, as well as the topics (maybe only books and travels from now on, I’m not sure yet).

About what have happened to my life during this time… well, not during this time I haven’t been writing, but during the time I haven’t write about, I have to say that I’ve been busy finishing my university degree and my Erasmus in Sweden, and mainly traveling a lot. In fact, since April (and after Turkey), I’ve been in Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria, and I also spent some days in Barakaldo, Spain. But about most of this places I’ll write soon, so don’t worry if now you see very few details about them. Aside from that, nothing interesting.

And right now… I’m just looking for a job outside of Spain, and planning my next trips until I get it.

As you see, I’m still reshaping and rethinking my life, but I miss the blog, so…

Stay tuned.