Sprawl Trilogy

To relaunch the books part of the blog, I’ll present a short synthesis of the Sprawl Trilogy (as I “recently” finished it), one of the basic pillars not only in the cyberpunk genre, but also in the science-fiction.

Neuromancer Count Zero Mona Lisa Overdrive

Original title: Sprawl Trilogy. Spanish title: Trilogía del Sprawl / Trilogía del Ensanche. Content: Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive. Author: William Gibson (USA, 1948 - ). Year: 1984 - 1988. Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk. Language: English. Read in: English. **Publisher: **HarperCollins - Voyager. Pages: 969. Size: 196 x 127 mm.

This trilogy is composed by Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, 3 amazing cyberpunk novels set in a near future in which the technology, emphasizing in terms of body implants, have suffered important breakthroughs, and in which the governments are nothing else aside from puppets controlled by transnational companies.

Each novel is independent from the rest, so the stories in them are not directly related, but you can find characters that appear in more than one, giving you a richer feeling and point of view of the whole universe which, by the way, is really good depicted along the books. The narrative rhythm present in the novels is quite irregular, and while in Neuromancer it’s dense and complicated, in the other 2, it’s lighter and easy to follow.

The short length of the books, makes it pretty easy to be able to read the whole trilogy in a short period of time without having time to get saturated of that universe, as the 3 books together are less than 1000 pages.

Sincerely, a great cyberpunk that I highly recommend to any sci-fi lover… but be careful with it, as some moments (specially in Neuromancer) can be really dense and unnerving.

And that’s all… as I said, this was going to be a short comment, so, for further information about each independent novel, you can click on the image of the cover or in the links below (warning: the one of Neuromancer is in Spanish, as I wrote it before I began writing the posts in English).

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