København (Copenhagen): Impressions

The city of Copenhagen Geotag is placed is the east of Denmark, on the islands of Zealand and Amager. Also, it’s separated from Malmö Geotag (Sweden) by the straight of Oresund, but joined to it through the Oresund Bridge, in the joint of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.

The city appeared in time of the viking times, but the traiditonal date that marks its foundation is 1167, when Bishop Absalon fortified it. Currently, its population in the metropolitan area is about 2,800,000 inhabitants, a fact that contrasts a lot with the population of Malmö, with only 280,000 inhabitants.

Copenhagen - Nyhavn

Copenhagen is internationally recognized as one of the most beautifully and best designed cities, and I admit that it was really nice and beautiful, with an impressive mixture between the German and Swedish styles and a great structure, but maybe I didn’t enjoyed it much because I went there straight from the amazing city of Istanbul Geotag .

Anyway, the interesting places to see in the city are spread all over the city, not being concentrated in just one area, encouraging you visit most of the city and enjoy just wandering and getting lost in them; which, by the way, is a really nice experience.

Copenhagen - The Mutant Mermaid

Something that drew a lot my attention is that Copenhagen is full of of statues and sculptures, many of them related to the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, giving the city the magic feeling of a fairy tale.

A thing that you can feel in the city and its population, is the cultural difference with the Swedes, as here people is more open and vivid; and you can feel it in their attitude on the streets, and also in the nightlife of the city.

Also, inside of Copenhagen you can find Christiania Geotag , a neighborhood created in 1971 with the semi-legal status of independent community. As a curiosity, their feeling of independence is such that, in the back part of the main entrance signal (that is, what you can read when you’re leaving) you can read “You are now entering the E.U.”

Copenhagen - Street

As a curiosity, there’s more than one Mermaid statue in Copenhagen… for me, instead of the typical The Little Mermaid one, I enjoyed more The Mutant Mermaid that you can see on one of the attached pictures. And you can find it close to the famous one.

My conclusion is that it’s a very interesting city, with a very defined north-European style and, most of all, very elegant. And I’d really like to visit it without having the recent memory of such a wonderful city like the fore mentioned Istanbul.

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