Going on Holidays to the Balkans

Yeah, that’s it… today I’m going on a trip (again), so probably you won’t see many updates in the blog during the following days.

I have a one-way flight ticket to Skopje (Macedonia) for today, and from there I’ll be moving from country to country… my expected route is Skopje (Macedonia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Belgrade (Serbia), Zagreb (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia); but the truth is that I don’t know yet what my final route will be, for how long will I be in each place, or even, how or when will I get back to Spain.

As you can see, my trip will be mainly improvised and has a very big random factor, but I’ve been missing this feeling for a long time, and I’m sure that it will be an amazing trip, as I’ll have diverse friends waiting for me in each place.

But don’t worry, even if I don’t write, I’ll try to supervise the blog often, so it won’t be left away.

So… see you around Europe! and enjoy your holidays (the ones who have them) as much as I’ll try to enjoy mine!

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