Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology

Well, here we have some more cyberpunk literature ready to be commented about… but it’s the last you will see here in a while.

Mirrorshades Original title: Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology. Spanish title: Mirrorshades: Una Antología Cyberpunk. Editor: Bruce Sterling (USA, 1954 - ). Content:

  • The Gernsback Continuum (El Continuo de Gernsback) by William Gibson.

  • Snake-Eyes (Ojos de Serpiente) by Tom Maddox.

  • Rock On (Rock On) by Pat Cadigan.

  • Tales of Houdini (Cuentos de Houdini) by Rudy Rucker.

  • 400 Boys (Los Chicos de la Calle 400) by Marc Laidlaw.

  • Solstice (Solsticio) by James Patrick Kelly.

  • Petra (Petra) by Greg Bear.

  • Till Human Voices Wake Us (Hasta que nos Despierten Voces Humanas) by Lewis Shiner.

  • Freezone (Zona Libre) by John Shirley.

  • Stone Lives (Stone Vive) by Paul Di Filippo.

  • Red Star, Winter Orbit (Estrella Roja, Órbita Invernal) by Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.

  • Mozart in Mirrorshades (Mozart con Gafas de Espejo) by Bruce Sterling and Lewis Shiner.

Year: 1986. Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk. Language: English. Read in: Spanish. Translation from English to Spanish: Andoni Alonso and Iñaki Arzoz. Publisher: Ediciones Siruela - Bolsillo. Pages: 312. Size: 214 x 140 mm. ISBN: 84-7844-418-1


Plot outline This is a collection of short stories unrelated to each other and written by different authors, so there’s no sense in speaking about a general plot outline. And I’m not going to describe each story independently, for it would make a really long and tiresome post.

Comment without spoilers

Giving this book a general overview, I can say that it’s a very refreshing compilation, both for the kind of stories you can find in it, and also because of the different narrative styles presented by the different authors. This facts help to give a very dynamic feeling to the book, and makes its reading more comfortable.

The translation work from English to Spanish done by Andoni Alonso and Iñaki Arzoz is quite good, and I haven’t been able to find any mistake in it. Also, the way the translation is written favors a fluent reading of the stories.

The edition by Ediciones Siruela - Bolsillo is quite good, with a very robust book, very nice printing and good quality paper. Also, I have to say that I love the mixture of electric blue and electric orange of the cover… it’s just amazing. Despite it can’t be seen clearly with this scan.

My conclusion, after this brief comment, is that this is a very recommendable book to get an overall feeling of what the cyberpunk movement is about, and very recommendable also for any kind of science-fiction reader.

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