The Baltic Trip

After the visit to Kalmar Geotag (Sweden) I mentioned in previous posts, it was time to make another long trip, and that’s when The Baltic Trip made its appearance.

We departed from Karlskrona Geotag (Sweden) at first hour in the morning, taking a train to Stockholm Geotag (Sweden). We spent the whole day there and spend the night in a ferry to Tallin Geotag (Estonia). We arrived early in the morning, and did all the sightseeing during the day. At midnight, we took a bus towards Riga Geotag (Latvia), where we arrived at 4 in the morning. After resting in the bus station, we repeated the schedule of previous days, visiting the city during the day, and by night we took another bus towards Warsaw Geotag (Poland), where we arrived after a 10 minutes stop in Kaunas Geotag (Lithuania). In Warsaw we spent 2 days (a bed, at last! hehe) enjoying the city, and the night of the second day, we took a train to Gdynia Geotag (Poland). We arrived there very early in the morning (like always), just in time to get into the ferry back to Karlskrona.

Baltic Trip

I’d have liked to have made it a little bit longer, visiting also in Helsinki (Finland), Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Kaliningrad (Russia), and, of course, making a longer stop in Kaunas. But unfortunately, we couldn’t do it… maybe next time.

Like always, you’ll find more details about most of those places in upcoming posts :D

And as a comment aside… I have to say that the list of posts is going to increase again, as yes, now I’m talking about The Baltic Trip I did in the beginning of June, but soon I’ll go to Belgium too.

The Baltic Trip: