Tallin: Impressions

Slowly, I keep advancing with the comments about the trips. Unfortunately, only 1 more trip is scheduled soon, but on the other hand, that will allow me to get up to date with the blog.

Tallin - City

Going back to the post, well, Tallin Geotag was the second stop of The Baltic Trip, after Stockholm Geotag . And here we also stayed for only one day, as we arrived early in the morning with the ferry, and left the city at midnight in a bus to Riga Geotag .

Tallin is placed in the north coast of Estonia, in the Gulf of Finland, and practically in front of Helsinki. It has a population of about 400,000 inhabitants, having the capital in the European Union with the largest number of non-EU nationals.

Tallin - Castle

Supposedly, the city first appeared on a map in 1154, and has always been a very important port trade in the Baltic Sea. For that strategic reason, it has been attacked, sacked and invaded several times, as well as bombed by Russia during the last par of the World War II.

The strong point of this city is the mixture between the contemporary architecture that is slowly rising in the city, with the old part of Tallin, considered to be one of the most well conserved in Europe. And I have to say that is really beautiful and charming, becoming a pleasure to walk around it.

Tallin - :D

Also, if you have the luck to go there during the Tallinn Treff Festival, like in my case, the medieval feeling of the old town is more impressive, thanks to all the activities such as folk music concerts, archery, and a huge amount of people wearing classic costumes.

I have to say that I was greatly surprised by the warmth of the Estonians, almost choking if you compare it with the coldness of the Swedes, taking into account how close those 2 countries are.

Tallin - St. Catherine

Definitely, a city really worth visiting, to become delighted wandering and getting lost in its streets. As it usually happens to me, I hope I have the chance to go back soon to visit it with more time.

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